CFW Rebug 4.84.1 REX / D-REX Released With Cobra 8.01 And Toolbox 2.03.01

The most anticipated CFW is updated in full version REX and D-REX in 4.84.1. Yes, we are talking about the CFW REBUG from the developer Joonie. The Cfw Rebug respect has a normal Cfw offers the possibility to have the Cobra patches updated to 8.01 that allow you to start the PSX-PSP and PS2 games, the unique rebob Toolbox because it is only fully functional on that CFW with rich features, webMAN Mod is no longer integrated as in the older versions, but is only supported and further functions that you can read below.

Warning: the Lite version is only for CEX consoles. The D-REX version will be supported soon

  • Added COBRA Patches 8.01
  • Added HAN Toolbox support
  • PSN / SEN Enabled
  • All the functions of a normal CFX CEX if in REX mode
  • All functions Debug in DEX mode
  • FEATURE: Dual LV2 Kernel for the CEX / DEX Switch via REBUG Toolbox
  • FEATURE – Patch COBRA 8.01 can be activated / deactivated by the REBUG Toolbox application
  • FEATURE – REBUG Toolbox Integrated and Updated to Version 2.03.01 in multi-language
  • FEATURE – Added CFW Settings v0.1a plugin which can be activated / deactivated by REBUG Toolbox
  • FEATURE – Complete ProDG Connectivity in DEX Mode (Normal and Cobra Mode)
  • FEATURE – Integrated Package Manager instead of the classic Install Package Files
  • FEATURE – QA Toggle compatibility
  • FEATURE – Support OtherOS ++ Enabled (Use the REBUG Toolbox to start OtherOS with different Patches to LV1)
  • FEATURE – Fake Save Data Owner. Lock / Unlock Trophies only Offline
  • FEATURE – XMB In-Game Screenshot Support
  • FEATURE – Full compatibility with XMBM +
  • FEATURE: Compatibility with FSELF both in CEX and DEX
  • PATCH – Appldr: Hash control at LV2 was Disabled
  • PATCH – LV1: Deactivated the so-called ‘System Integrity Check’, that is the System integrity check
  • PATCH – LV1: Function 114 not documented
  • PATCH – LV1: Skip all ACL Controls
  • PATCH – LV1: Peek & Poke
  • PATCH – LV2: Peek & Poke
  • PATCH – LV2: Peek & Poke for LV1
  • PATCH – LV2: Call for LV1 CALL System
  • PATCH – Recovery: Prevents accidental updating to OFW
  • PATCH – VSH: Allows the use of unsigned files act.dat and Files .rif
  • PATCH – VSH: Disable the new DRM Control for PSP to allow the use of PKG PSP
  • PATCH – VSH: Removed initial message to Boot (Epilepsy)
  • PATCH – CINAVIA Protection removed

v4.84.1 REX-D-REX

  • Stability (This system software update improves system performance)
  • REBUG TOOLBOX 2.03.01 MULTI 16 (PAYLOAD injection function available in the Utility category, CFW 4.83 and 4.84 supported)
  • Cobra 8.01 (enabled by default)
  • (Improvement of Stage1 startup / removal speed, plug-in support for kernel PAYLOAD,
  • PS2 Bugfix for BC and SemiBC consoles when COBRA is disabled)


  • Stability (This system software update improves system performance)
  • REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.17 MULTI (The latest TOOLBOX REBUG with Multi Language support – 16 languages)
  • HAN PKG support (ECDSA control over EDAT is disabled to allow HAN signed PKGs,) (Mainly for developers only,
  • In general, users with CFW do not benefit from this functionality, however, this has been added for developers who are working on HAN functionality for users with OFW)


  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed the problem with some games that would have made blackscreen at launch
  • missing function is missing video_rec.sprx for cfw_Settings
  • Cobra 7.55 – Fix homebrew blocker
  • Support HAN Toolbox 


  • Improvements in system performance and stability (This system software update improves system performance quality 4 times (4.78 ~ 4.82) according to SONY)
  • Demo of demonstration contents c00 (the  contents of the demo c00 can be unlocked without activation  )
  • Syscall 15 added for Standard mode (  Allows the execution of any LV2 internal function  )
  • Display of the temperature on the PS2 emulator (Now the CPU / RSX temperature can be displayed while playing PS2 games on PS3 not BC)
  • REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.15 (PS2 Netemu toggler for COBRA 7.54 and multi-language support)
  • COBRA 7.54 Added
  • Supports webMAN MOD (webMAN MOD can only be accessed via stand-alone PKG.)
  • Correct support for Polish fonts
  • Full support of Polish characters for XMB / PS2 Emu.
  • Support CFW_settings (XMB icons for simple CFW tasks available)
  • XMBM + compatibility (XMB Manager Plus developed by XMBM Team now supported by standalone pkgs).
  • OFW 4.82 Support ( The  CFW Rebug can now be installed on OFW 4.82 (ONLY hackable PS3 models) 
    • PRX plugin at startup (  sprx  )
    • Supports ISO:  PS1  /  PS2  /  PS3  /  PSP  /  DVD  /  BluRay (ISO support divided by FAT32 units)
    • Network support  :  PS1  /  PS3  /  DVD  /  BluRay / PKG (guide)
    • Free Blu Ray Movie region functionality
    • NTFS HDD support (prepNTFS or multiMAN Required to scan content)
    • ISO PS2 support for  BC (  HW  ) / non-BC (  SW  console 
    • Syscall 11 – Cobra lv1 Peek
    • Syscall 15: allows the execution of any internal LV2 function
    • Support for the Stealth plug-in of PSNPatch 
    • The PS3MAPI support allows you to attach the process on both CEX / DEX through your own API app.
    • Removal of backup protection, added full support for PS3 backup on all multiMAN / sMAN / webMAN, fork managers IRIS and Managunz.
    • Target Manager 4.20-4.70 fully supported (REX / D-REX EDITION ONLY)
    • Allows editing on Syscall on 6/7/8/9/10/11/15.
    • IMPROVED Stability with DEX mode, the annoying problem with booting on some old converted DEX models has been fixed. ***
    • Homebrew blocker – blocks homebrew access while Syscalls are disabled

*  ONLY  PS2 support on internal HDD  :  dev_hdd0 / PS2ISO /


The COBRA mode is disabled by default, if you want to use the COBRA 7.54 features, enable the COBRA mode   via  REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.15  . Previous users with the CFW Cobra 4.55 / COBRA7 and earlier versions may encounter problems with some games due to the improved cobra payload where the authorization patch has been updated, in this case. *** Remove old game data and reinstall the game if you encounter strange problems.  The previous Cobra payload still had the old patches for USB Dongle and mmCM, and this solves the problem with all games not working with Cobra. Non-Cobra users will not have this problem because their data has not been corrupted by the old cobra payload.



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