How to Install Custom Maps, Texture Packs, And Addons for Minecraft Bedrock for Nintendo Switch

Hello everyone! I decided to make a detailed tutorial on how to do this because the ones out there weren’t that good or descriptive. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install content from the internet, transfer content from other versions of Minecraft Bedrock, and we are even going to learn how to convert your java edition maps to Bedrock Format and transfer it to the Nintendo Switch. As a bonus, we will also learn how to add a skin pack and customize the video settings. The process is kind of tedious but I hope that due to this post being made someone will make a save injector that does all this for us.

A big thanks to fellow GBATEMP member GalaxyYT for giving me the starting point for this Tutorial.

Checkpoint / Any save dumper/restore tool.
Minecraft Bedrock
A way to launch Homebrew

Backup Save File

First things first we need to backup the Minecraft savefile. Use your save manager of choice. In this tutorial, I am using Checkpoint.

Open Checkpoint from the Homebrew Menu and Locate Minecraft. (remember to switch to the User Profile you want the custom content to be on)


Then Press Left Trigger to Backup the Save File. (This will take about a minute. For some reason Minecraft stores many of the game files in the save file which makes the process quite slow.)


Locate The Save Backup Location

Access the SD Card of your switch (you can turn off and insert your sd card into your computer or you can use an FTP homebrew or NXMTP to get to the files. Your choice!)
Now look for the Backup. The Backup is located in…

sd:/switch/Checkpoint/saves/0x0100D71004694000 Minecraft/WhateverYouNamedYourSave


Make a backup on your computer of this file and go to…


Here is where we will install our content.

Installing Content

Now it is time to get the content!

Download From The Internet 


Install Your Own Minecraft Bedrock Worlds 


Infinite Chunks / Custom Video Settings 


Restore Save File

Now that we have added our content into the file, go back into Checkpoint and Restore The Save File



Now just open Minecraft and your Custom Files will be waiting for you!



Warning! ALWAYS keep a backup, because apparently you can’t just restore a save with just the mcpack and nothing else, otherwise, your worlds and Xbox Live connection will be lost. You need to import the entire save folder altogether, including your worlds and other data. Follow the next part of this tutorial correctly please!

Thanks for following my tutorial. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate on my instructions please let me know in the comments below. I hope you have a good time playing the many great maps from across the web and playing your favorite Minecraft words on the go with the switch! :yayswitch::switch: