ManaGunZ V1.34 Unofficial Released: Adds Support For CFW 4.8

The firmware update 4.84 for PS3 has also moved the littlebalup developer who released a new unofficial update (with the consent of the Zar developer) of ManaGunZ in version 1.34. For those who have never heard of or for those who are new to custom firmware , ManaGunZ is a backup manager based on the Iris Manager source code with unique features compared to IrisMAN from developer Aldo Vargas and is able to start PS3, PS2, PSX and PSP games. Support has been added to the new update. CFW 4.84


Compatible with all CFWs up to 4.83 CEX 
Starting PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP games 
Direct boot: Allows you to launch the game directly after editing. It does not support all games (all Lego games work). With this option there is no need to go back to XMB to launch the game. 
Clean Syscall:  Disable the Peeks & Pokes of system calls, in particular the system call 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 35, 36, these syscalls do not exist on an OFW. Thus, this option prevents being banned from the PSN (in particular with Black Ops II), but this is not guaranteed, the risk does not exist. Furthermore there are no ways to detect a CFW … 
Change IDPS: It is possible to modify IDPS in LV2 
Ext. Game Data:It allows you to install the gamedata from a USB device instead of the internal HD of your system. Basically, it redirects the path: “/ dev_hdd0 / game” to “/ dev_usb000 / GAMEI” 
Payload: Here you can choose which payload will be used to mount your game. I really don’t know if a PAYLOAD is useful or better than another … from my experience, I have always seen the same results with all the payloads for ISO games, if you are in cobra fw, you will use the cobra payload otherwise you will use the mamba. 
For JB games, it is possible to choose the payload extracted from: 
[*] Iris (“sky”) 
[*] multiMAN (“MM”) 
[*] Cobra (it is available only with a cfw cobra) 
[*] Mamba (è only available with a CFW-not cobra)

Set the primary USB device . This is fixed with the USB device where the game is stored as the main USB device. This option allows you to start games without any problems. It is only available with a cfw cobra. 
Emulation  Here you can choose which type of emulation to mount your game. This option allows you to run the games without any problems. This option is only available for JB games. You have the possibility to choose 3 possibilities:

  • None: There is no “special emulation”, the “/ dev_bdvd” path is only redirected to the game path.
  • BD-Mirror:  patch mounting in LV2 to redirect the device dev_bdvd or dev_ps2disk for internal use by the device where the backup is stored. This option works well with connected external devices.
  • BD-EMU : Redirect the libfs.sprx path to the path of a patched libfs.

Patched from  : This option is available for JB games and if you choose “Emulation: BD-EMU”. Allows you to choose which libfs patch you want to use. I found 3 patches, one from MM, and another from Iris and finally the last one from ReactPSN. I don’t know if there is a patch better than another. 
Mount / app_home: Basically, this is a patch / app_home redirection to the “/ dev_bdvd” path. This option allows you to run the games without any problems. 
Use patched plugin: This option is available if you choose “Yes” to mount “/ app_home”. The path “/ app_home” is replaced by “/ dev_bdvd” in the explore_plugin.sprx plugin. Also, the “/ app_home” icon in the XMB changed to a disc. Basically, it redirects the path of the original plugin to the patched plugin



v1.34 unofficial

  • Added support for CFW 4.84.
  • ISO PS3 and PS2 tested with Mamba and Cobra.


  • Full support for CFW 4.83
  • Added new upload icon.
  • Added the scan on / dev_sd, / dev_ms / and / dev_cd.
  • Apply pnatch fix (bug introduced in the previous update)
  • Added offsets: IDPSet offset and ERK_dumper.
  • Added definitions files from RCOmageMOD
  • Added game TAG


Fixed a reading problem with ISO divided. 
Added 482D Support 
Added “Join” game option. 
Added to FileManager: “Merge” option to join files to the current path.


Correction: reduced memory usage to avoid “random” lock. 
Fix FileManager: no in-depth scan on ISO. 
Fix File Manager: scroll bar. 
Correction: MD5 / SHA1 file + 4GB 
Correction: Scetool button files. 
Correction: problem with cmdID 0x4A. 
Correction: complete FLOW3D covers. 
Correction: quick choice package. 
Addition: asks you to load a PS2 CONFIG if it does not exist. 
Addition: faster loading of the PS2 game menu. 
Added in FileManager: New button map. 
Added in FileManager: click backup ISO to mount it, then go back to XMB.
Added in FileManager: Dock left / right / full screen. See note (1). 
Added in FileManager: hold X to move the cursor. 
Added in FileManager: use R2 to increase the speed of cursor and window movement. 
Added: merge or split large files. See note (2). 
Addition: default user interface set to XMB. 
Additions: background waves. 
Addition: set the alpha of the colors. 
Added screenshot: (R2 + L2) Screens saved in “/dev_hdd0/photo/ManaGunZ_XXX.bmp”. 
Added: checks md5 files from ISO with IRD. 
Added: Add / Remove LIMG sector in PS2 iso.
Added: choose Font. Search recursively for the ttf font in the ‘/ dev_flash / data / font’ and ‘/ USRDIR / GUI’ directories. See note (3). 
Added: choose the color set. See note (3). 
Fix FileManager: Convert iso. 
Added in FileManager: D-pad LEFT / RIGHT to scroll up / down a page. 
Added FileManager: L1 + LEFT / RIGHT D-pad to go to the parent / child folder.

(1) There are 2 ways to do this: 
the first is to open the options menu while the cursor is on the window header. 
The second is to use the following combination: 
-Dock left: Press and hold R1 + D-PAD left. 
-Dock on the right: Press and hold R1 + RIGHT D-PAD. 
-Dock to FULL: hold R1 + D-PAD Up. 
-Restore: hold R1 + D-PAD down. 
(2) Use the copy function in the game menu. If the destination is FAT32, the large file will be split, if it is not, it will be added. 
In File manager to merge files, select ONLY the first file with extension ‘66600’ and paste it.
(3) To reduce memory usage, it will not load more than 4 themes. Only the current user interface theme is loaded. 
For each theme in each user interface, look for the following files. 
-BG.PNG: Main 
-BGS.PNG: background setting -SIDEBAR.PNG: background 
-FONT.TTF: character. 
-colorset.ini: set of colors used in the homebrew. 
When loading the theme, the theme font and the first set of colors defined in the file will be used. But you will be able to change them in the theme settings menu. 
The XMB user interface uses multiple files for the columns: SETTINGS.PNG, FAVORITES.PNG, PS3.PNG, PS2.PNG, PS1.PNG, PSP.PNG.
Also, before uploading files from the ‘common’ directory, it will check if these files do not exist in the themes directory.

Correction: reading and writing of the file. 
Correction: support for large files (+ 4 GB). 
Added Italian, Hungarian and Spanish languages. 
Added support fw 4.82 CEX. 
Correction: some pnaches have not been applied correctly. 
Correction: problem with reading files from the bin / cue disk image. 
Added Mount Game from file manager. 
Correction: removed the update window every time an option is used, sometimes it is useless. 
Added the CONFIG file extracted from softemu and gxemu. 
Improved PS2 CONFIG editor. See note (1). 
Fix: DBCONFIG.txt system removed. 
Plugin Monitor, allows you to upload or download a plugin.

The CONFIG PS2 editor is able to load CONFIG files and display the result on the screen. 
You will be able to upload: 
– “NET” configuration file from “[ManaGunZ path] / USRDIR / sys / CONFIG / NET”. These are the CONFIG found in the official ps2 classic package. 
– “GX” configuration file from “[ManaGunZ path] / USRDIR / sys / CONFIG / GX”. These are the CONFIG extracted from gxemu. 
– “SOFT” configuration file from “[ManaGunZ path] / USRDIR / sys / CONFIG / SOFT”. These are the CONFIG extracted from softemu. 
– “CURRENT” configuration file from “[PS2 backup path] .CONFIG”. This configuration is currently used.
– “CUSTOM” configuration file from “[ManaGunZ path] / USRDIR / sys / CONFIG / CUSTOM”. These are unofficial CONFIG. 
Morever, the PS2 CONFIG editor checks if the original commandID data: 0x9 and 0xA and 0xB match the data in your PS2 backup. 
If it has no match, the commandID on the screen will be displayed in red. 
[EDIT] Once loaded, you will be able to ADD or REMOVE an ID command. 
For now, you can only ADD the commands without parameters, the ‘simple’ ones. 
You can add CONFIG patches from pnach files. Thus, widescreen patches can be added. 
You can also add the ‘480’ ‘YFIX’ and ‘FMV skip’ patches to the configuration. 
Finally, with the START button, save the configuration in “[PS2 backup path]. CONFIG”. Furthermore, if you have modified the CONFIG, a backup of your configuration is stored in the ‘[ManaGunZ Path] / USRDIR / sys / CONFIG / CUSTOM’ folder.


Italian language added by our developer theheroGAC


Addition: Re-sign option that promotes the fw version also in param.sfo. 
Addition: image bin / cue PS2. 
Fix: paths that contain a point. 
Addition: Remote Control 
Added: Without peek & poke. 
Add: Standalone File Manager. To compile, type ‘FILEMANAGER = 1 do pkg’. 
Fix: Higher read and write speed of the file. 
Addition: New upload screen for the file manager. 
Fix: UI movements are smoother / more fluid. 
Added: 3D Flow. See note (1). 
Added: Plugin Manager can create the boot file. 
Added: Plugin Manager can create ‘/ dev_hdd0 / plugins’.
Added: Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the boot file) to ‘/ dev_hdd0 / plugins’. 
Addition: Languages. 
Added: Help. 
Addition: New management of CONFIG files. See note (1).

(1) If the CONFIG file exists in the MGZ folder, MGZ forces the use and ‘the creator of PS2 CONFIG’ is not available. 
I removed the ‘CONFIG to use’ option has become useless. I have removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM. 
I added the DBCONFIG.txt file to manage the CONFIG file used by several GAMES, so I don’t have to dulicate the same file. 
(2) The complete covers must contain in the ‘USRDIR / covers / 3D / [gameID] .jpg’ folder. For PS1, it will use the front cover from ‘USRDIR / covers / [gameID] .jpg’ and the back from ‘USRDIR / covers / 3D / [gameID] .jpg’.

v 1.29

  • Correction of several problems.
  • Fix: The revelation of the ISO built without the ‘official’ structure.
  • Fixed system crash after mounting a game between older firmware. Bug introduced in v1.26.
  • Addition: [Themes] Tag Show, when choosing a theme to be aware of the path and the type of the theme. 
    Addition: [Themes] Disable theme. 
    Addition: [Themes] A default theme is loaded into a new installation. 
    Addition: [Themes] If there is no ‘background setting’ the ‘main background’ is used for the setup menu. 
    Addition: [Interface] Display of the game case. 
    Addition: [Settings] Added TV test screen. 
    Addition: [Settings] ‘Update ManaGunZ’. 
    Added: [PS1] [PSP] game menu. 
    Added: [PS1] [PS2] creator ICON0. It allows you to ‘cut’ an ICON0 from the cover to use it as the main icon. 
    Fix: [PS2] Function for applying patches.
    Addition: [PS2] You can apply widescreen patches and another pnach file silently. 
    Additions: [PS2] Options’ 480P ‘,’ YFIX ‘and’ Skip FMV.

v 1.28

  • Added: PS2 CONFIG creator.
  • Added: Re-write code to be more flexible (almost nothing for the user).
  • Added: filter.
  • Added: “Use game sidemenu”.
  • Fixed Mamba: offset PSP_savedata.
  • Fixed: libxml error when compiling the project.
  • Fixed : A freeze problem when browsing when PIC1 was loading.
  • Addition: a progress bar, when the PIC1 is loading.
  • Added: PS2 WideScreen option. See note (1).
  • Added: local hash DB to verify game integrity. See note (2).
  • Added: Plugin Manager. See note (3).
  • Added FileManager: Extract ZIP file.
  • Added: New cover server.
  • Added: Re-signed games can be restored.
  • Added: for PS2 and PS1 the main icon (aka ‘ICON0’) is loaded into the game path. See note (4).


(1) The WideScreen pnach collection included with PCSX2 is used. 
If you want to use your pnach from “/ dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach”, you need to disable the WideScreen option because when you apply a pnach for the iso it changes the CRC. 
(2) I downloaded every MD5 of PS2 and PSX games from It is in the ManaGunZ folder ‘USRDIR / sys /’. 
For PSP backups, they come from Each CRC32 are saved in ‘USRDIR / sys / PSP_CRC.txt’. 
(3) The plugin manager will take care of every sprx within “/ dev_hdd0 / plugins”. If this folder does not exist, the option is not available. 
(4) The backup path must be “/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.iso”, so that the path to the main icon is “/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.jpg”.
The following extension is supported: ‘jpg’, ‘JPG’, ‘png’, ‘PNG’.

v 1.27

_ Added: Support for CFW 481 DEX. 
_ Added: Mamba v3 is supported on every fw. 
_ Added: PS2emu patcher which is updated with the new payload to support the PS2 CONFIG. See note (1). 
_ Added: PS2 Config files from psdevwiki. It will be added automatically if there is no CONFIG used. 
_ Added: PS2 Menu. See note (3). 
_ Added: For faster loading, the ICON0s and covers are loaded into a background process and a progress bar is displayed. 
_ Fixed: navigation with L of the joystick that is less sensitive. 
_ Fixed: Better detection of the firmware version to avoid problems with similar fw. See note (2).
_ Fixed: freeze when scanning some PS1 / PS2 games. Fixed ‘Get_ID’ function. 
_ Fixed FileManager: NTFS drives are mounted when the window is updated. 
_ Added in FileManager: press L3 to update the window. 
_ Added in FileManager: xRegistry viewer. Convert the system registry to a txt file in “/dev_hdd0/tmp/xreg.txt”. 
_ Added FileManager: the scrolling options menu with the direction survey. 
_ Added in FileManager: Control of CRC of ISO PSP with CRC from renascene. 
_ Added in Offsetfinder: the Firmware information for mamba v3.

(1) To allow ManaGunZ to cover the PS2 netemu, it must be original in itself. It will not be patched automatically if it is already patched with the old payload. 
(2) solves some problems with 481 478 476 which was detected as 4.75. 
(3) The PS2 Menu has the following options:

  • Rename: rename the ISO name
  • Add / remove favorites
  • Apply / restore pnach: use the pnach file in “/dev_hdd0/game/MANAGUNZ0/USRDIR/setting/PS2/[CRC].pnach” or “/dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach” or “/ dev_ntfsX: / PNACH / [CRC] .pnach “. The CRC is the same used in PCSX2. Many widescreen pnaches can be found here: ManaGunZ changes the value directly in the ISO, but keeps a backup copy of the original value in order to restore the iso.
  • Enable / disable netemu: It is only available for the cobra 7.50+ BC system. Software emulation is used in the BC system.
  • CONFIG to use: This option allows you to use a custom configuration instead of the official configuration.
  • Check MD5: compare with the MD5 of the PS2 backup with MD5 from ‘’.
  • Delete: The iso file is deleted.
  • Copy: Copy the iso file to another device.
  • Properties: You can view some information like size, CRC, game ID …



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