PhoenixARC XML Generator Toolkit 1.8B

Because I’m an advocate of open-source programs, here’s the full source code of the toolbox! you can find it linked HERE ! ★
★ It will be updated alongside the toolbox too so you’ll always have an updated copy! ★

I present to you a fully functional XML(XMBML) generator!
current requirements:
– Framework 4.8+
– Windows 7+ (64-bit or 32-bit)


– Generate PhoList Files (For XML Generation)
– Generate XMLs for PKG Downloads
– Generate XMLs for use with DeViL303’s Podcast player!
– Generate XMLs for Website Links
– Generate XMLs for XMB Entries
– Generate XMLs for Copying files
– Generate XMLs for streaming Videos

Currently the tool does not support direct to-xml generation, so you first generate a .PhoList file in the first tab, save it, then open it in the 2nd tab. you will have an option to generate the XML from that.

Tutorial on usage:
Sorry I was sick in this video so my nose is clogged :sour:


toolbx2.PNG toolbx3.PNG


  1. toolbx1.PNG