[PS3] Advanced Power Options V1.10 Released (CFW & HEN)

The PS3 scene returns to relive good moments, thanks to several CFW updates and tools by various developers of the scene. DevL303 released a new Advanced Power Options update in version 1.10 a few hours ago for CFW & HEN. Advanced Power Options allows to add new options under the XMB user column such as a soft, hard reboot, database reconstruction, etc. Also install a pkg to Reload the XMB and start the otherOS pkg on dev_hdd0 / packages /.

Attention: HEN and CFW users must have dev_blind mounted to install it. Otherwise, an error 8001003A will be displayed and the installation will not be performed correctly. 

Optional: After installing it, you will find a new Reload XMB package in your package manager, install it if you want to reload the XMB icon to display in the power options menu at the top.

Optional: After installing it, you will find a OtherOS Boot pkg in your package manager, install it to show it at the bottom of the Advanced Power Options menu (CFW only)

New features:

  • Added option for NAND recovery mode from v1.05 as official function, delete strviewer_plugin.rco to enable this function.
  • Added Disable (without confirmation) and restart Soft on the user’s login screen.
  • The installer is now a package that installs the files directly on dev_flash, so dev_blind must be mounted before installation.
  • It is only 330kb which is reduced by about 60%. It could also be included on dev_flash in rebug / packages / if desired.



  • Use a sprx that is signed with 3.55 keys to run on HEN
  • Now universally compatible with HEN and all CFW.
  • No changes for CFW users, so updating is not necessary.


Advanced Power Options v1.10 via psx-place