[PS3 GUIDE] From Original Firmware 4.86 To CFW: Discovering The PS3Xploit ToolSet

Warning: before reading the guide, the staff of gamesandconsoles is not responsible for any bricks to your console. The use of the guide is at your own risk



  • A PS3 where it is possible to install a CFW with original firmware up to 4.86
  • A USB stick formatted in FAT32
  • The CFW of your choice inserted inside the USB stick. In this guide we have used the CFW 4.86 REBUG LITE

PS3 compatible to install the CFW

1. PS3 compatible:
–  All models (CEX or SEX) “FAT” : CECHA0x, CECHB0x, CECHC0x, CECHE0x, CECHG0x, CECHH0x, CECHJ0x, CECHK0x, CECHL0x, CECHM0x, CECHP0x and CECHQ0x
–  Models “CEX o ” : CECH-20xxx and CECH-21xxx
–  “ Slim ”models CECH-25xxx  with a“ code ”0x or 1A. For 1B, check the minimum supported version of the factory firmware as described below.
None of the Slim CECH-3xxxx or super-slim CECH-4xxxx models are supported !!

If you have any doubts about console compatibility, or if you have a CECH-25xxx 1B model with a different code, use minVerChk
With  minVerChk  the minimum version to downgrade must be a  maximum of 3.56  .

Any attempt to jailbreak on an unsupported console will be a brick !! 

2. Recognize the type of flash memory on the PS3:
the “FAT” models CECHA0x, CECHB0x, CECHC0x, CECHE0x and CECHG0x have NAND type flash memories   .
All other “FAT” or “Slim” consoles have a NOR flash  memory  .


3. Preparing the console
– Start the console.
– Make sure your console is connected to your network.
– Start the Internet browser, then press the  triangle-> Tools-> main page, then “Use empty page”.
– Exit the browser and restart the console.
– Insert the USB drive into the rightmost port of your console (the one closest to the disk drive).
– Check that the USB stick has been correctly detected by the console (in the photo, music or video column).

  •  Create a new user (to be deleted at the end of the CFW installation).

  • Let’s go to the PS3 browser now. Clear cache and cookies from the browser

From browser, press triangle button , go to tools , confirm closing the browser, disable

  • At the top of the bar we click bg toolset and after Main Site

  • This page will be displayed

  • Let’s go to Flash memory Manager

  • Let’s wait a few seconds and go to the folder-shaped icon called Flash Memory Patch

  • Click on Download Patch File

  • We select our destination (your USB stick)

  • Click on START

  • We await the end of the download

  • After the download has been completed we return to Flash Memory Patch and click on Load Patch from file

  • We are looking for our USB stick, in this case dev_usb000

  • We find our file nofsm_patch_486.bin

  • We click on the bin file as in the image below

  • Now press LOAD

  • Loading will take approximately 4 seconds

  • If displayed in both DONE bars, press the CLOSE button as in the image below

  • Let’s go back to Flash Memory PATCH for the last time and click Apply loaded Patch

  • I remember that any type of modification on a console is a risk. We are not responsible for any bricks.
  • Press YES

  • We await the end of the operation. Do not press any key.

  • Well at the end of the operation restart the console from the tool button

Now we can install our CFW.



Download the new CFW and rename the new PS3UPDAT.PUP file

Create the folders on the PS3 / UPDATE / desktop  (the UPDATE folder   must be inside the PS3 folder  ) and insert the PUP file inside

We are ready.Insert the PS3  folder  (containing the UPDATE folder   and the PS3UPDAT.PUP file  ) inside the USB stick in FAT32.At the end of the transfer procedure, insert your Usb Pen in the Usb port of your PS3 (the most ‘close to the BD player) .We turn on our PS3 and look for the column  SETTINGS and SYSTEM UPDATE

Select Update via storage media and press X

Our PS3 will search for the new CFW and this screen will appear (in the example I used the CFW Rebug 4.81.2)

Press the X button

  • Wait for the end of the process.


  • During the installation of the CFW do not turn off the system
  • Download / install CFW from  secure sources
  • Eliminate any kind of spoof
  • After updating the CFW it is recommended to rebuild the database. To enter protected mode you can use the Rebug Toolbox (for CFW Rebug)


We would like to thank our poberello tester for the photos . For the magnificent Toolset esc0rtd3w, bguerville, Habib, W and Joonie and all the developers of the PS3 scene. We also thank the PSX-PLACE site