[PS3] Released 7 CFW 4.85, STANDARD, NOBD, COBRA FROM Bobby_Downgrade

From the developer  Bobby_Downgrade come 7 new CFW 4.85, in all the “tastes”. It starts from the standard, from the NOBD (for non-functioning BD readers), Cobra etc. all in CEX version not installable on CFW DEX with Cobra patch 8.01

Attention: Misuse can damage your console.


Attention the features may vary MINIMUM depending on the CFW

  • Built from 4.85 ofw
  • LV0- All security controls disabled
  • LV0- AppLdr patched to disable sig checks on pkgs
  • LV1 – lv2 protection disabled
  • LV1 – Hash controls disabled
  • LV1- Added Peek & Poke
  • Lv1- Added the mmap function 114
  • Lv1-ACL checks removed
  • LV2- Added Peek & Poke
  • LV2-Lv1 peek & poke support
  • Starting all games with fw 4.83 and lower
  • Added app / home
  • Added option to install xmb packages with three paths (USB or HDD or DOWNLOAD to USB option)
  • Warning message disabled for faster startup
  • Update from any cfw up to 4.83 and 3.55 ofw
  • Activate qa on cfw inside the cfw for convenience
  • Compatible QA Flag
  • Both dex and cex packages are supported
  • Reacts on the compatibility of psn
  • Visual updated
  • Cinavia protection disabled for disk and hdd
  • Some trophy synchronization errors removed / bypassed
  • Remote playback supported on non-Son products
  • ingame screenshot supported
  • Psp drm control disabled
  • Annoying singstar icon removed
  • Full support for Blu ray and DVD
  • Fselfs are native (debug / dex files like eboots executed)
  • Added option to visit channels and websites (pre-selected some useful sites like psx place, ngu and ps3hax)
  • Added the download and installation of the news in the psn column (the updated packages will be sent to ps3 when they become available, the option in the tools to clear the cache and check for updates will update the download list) thanks to PS3 Extra and devil_303 🙂
  • Added system restart options in the xmb user column


  • Standard
  • dualBoot
  • Standard for console without bluray.
  • Standard for consoles without bluetooth.
  • COBRA.
  • COBRA for consoles without bluray.
  • COBRA for consoles without bluetooth.


Overflow v1 standard cex edition 
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Overflow v2 dual boot edition 
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Overflow v3 standard cex no blueray edition 
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Cex standard v4 overflow no Bluetooth edition 
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Overflow v5 cobra cex edition 
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Overflow v6 cobra cex no blueray edition 
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Overflow v7 cobra cex no Bluetooth edition