PS4 6.72 Jailbreak: alternate loader page released by Leeful74, allegedly more stable than existing options

PS4 Scene member Leeful74 has released an alternate web page for the 6.72 Jailbreak, which might work in a more stable way (understand, will load successfully more often) than the loaders that have been circulating for the past few days.

This is not a mere copy/paste of existing pages. Leeful74 states that, although the underlying webkit exploit and Kernel exploit are based on Sleirsgoevy’s release, they are slightly modified to load in a different way. Various scene members are reporting that this makes the exploit more stable for them.

Your mileage might vary of course, but if you’ve been having problems loading the Jailbreak on your 6.72 PS4, you might want to give this alternate implementation a try.

Again, this is not dark magic, the race condition that triggers the exploit is still hit and miss, so tweaks in the loading structure might help you, or on the contrary make things worse for you, depending on seemingly random conditions. Stick with the loader that works the best for you.

How to run the PS4 6.72 Jailbreak

Point your PS4’s browser to Leeul’s website at then follow the instructions.

Stay tuned for more on the 6.72 Jailbreak on our PS4 Jailbreak page.