PS4 6.72 Jailbreak: more stability updates

PlayStation 4: sleirsgoevy updates his FW 6.72 jailbreak with "may improve stability" commits

A PS4 6.72 Jailbreak was released a few days ago but people have been complaining about issues to run the jailbreak. The typical issue is that if the jailbreak doesn’t work, your console might crash with a kernel panic, you’ll have to reboot, rinse and repeat until it works. Some people have it working almost all the time, others need to try a dozen times.

Since we last reported on this, developer Sleirsgoevy has been providing updates over the past few days to update the stability of the hack. Here again, some people say this makes the jailbreak very reliable for them, while others say it is still very unreliable. Al-Azif says luck is still heavily involved as of today, although it feels everything’s going in the right direction.

For people on firmware 5.05, updating or not remains a personal choice at the moment. It doesn’t seem to me that 6.72 is yet at the stage where we can call it the new “golden firmware” for tinkerers, but it’s sure that the days of 5.05 are numbered.

How do I get the latest PS4 6.72 jailbreak files?

If you are using one of the hosted versions of the jailbreak, in general you only have to wait until the people hosting the files update to the latest version. Al-Azif’s servers ( ) for example pretty much have the latest and greatest at the moment. If you are self-hosting the exploit (recommended if you want more control), you’ll need to get the latest file from Sleirsgoevy’s github.