PS4 6.72 jailbreak: new implementation of the Kernel exploit by ChendoChap might increase stability

Developer ChendoChap has released a new implementation of TheFlow’s 6.72 Kernel Exploit. This is a different implementation from Sleirsgoevy’s one, which has been the one used pretty much everywhere so far. In other words, although all “versions” of the exploit that have been shared so far were pretty much one implementation with minor changes on how it is loaded, this time we’re getting a completely new implementation.

Since the stability issues are directly related to the Kernel exploit in general, and a specific implementation in particular, it’s possible that this completely new implementation dramatically improves stability for some of us.

Developer leeful has been quick to upload ChendoChap’s exploit to his servers for people to test. You can test this new implementation over at . Al-Azif also stated he will provide a way to test this new version asap.

As always, your mileage might vary. Any implementation of the exploit still relies on the race condition that makes the thing inherently unstable. However, how a specific dev implements the exploit might still have dramatic effects on how stable the result can be in your particular scenario.

ChendoChap’s implementation of the Kernel exploit also supports all firmwares from 5.0 to 6.72 included, if you look for it in the github’s history: .

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Source: via SpecterDev on Twitter