[PS4] Playstation 4 Save Mounter V1.1 Released: The Alternative To Save Wizard?

Save Mounter is added to the small list of tools available for PS4 by the two developers Aida and
ChendoChap. Baptized as the alternative to Save Wizard, with this program for Windows you can create copies and decrypt the saves of your console just like an editor, allowing you to obtain sums of money never seen before, maximum ammunition, statistics on characters and much more.


  • Create decrypted copies of your saves
  • Replaces the saves with the modified ones
  • Replaces save files with some save files (sharing them)


  • PS4 with firmware 5.05
  • FTP client such as WinSCP or filezilla


  1. Upload  ps4debug
  2. Start a game
  3. Upload  FTP
  4. Open the tool
  5. Enter the ip of your ps4 and click on ‘Connect’
  6. Click “Update Processes” and select your game in the combo box
  7. Click on “Configuration”
  8. Click ‘Find Dirs’
  9. Select the save you want to mount in the combo box
  10. Select the mount permission in the combo box (default is READ ONLY)
  11. Click on “Mount”
  12. Your save is now mounted in / mnt / pfs / & in / mnt / sandbox / {title} / savedataX
  13. After finishing copying / replacing the files click ‘Unmount’

Some games use another save format, they have an sce_ prefix in their name. won’t show up as search results 
This can probably be corrected, but I was too lazy

Here is a solution:

  1. go to / user / home / {userid} / savedata / {titleid}
  2. make a copy of the save sce: 2 files, the bin file (96KB), the sdimg file
  3. rename
    “sce_sdmemory.bin” -> “temp.bin”
    “sdimg_sce_sdmemory” -> “sdimg_temp”
  4. go to / system_data / savedata / {userid} / db / user and download the database.db file
  5. open it with a  sqlite editor
  6. add a new record in the saved table
  7. enter the data and you’re done
  8. replace the original database with the most recent one
  9. Click “find directories” again, now it should add a temporary entry in the combo box
  10. proceed as usual
  11. go to / user / home / {userid} / savedata / {titleid}
    • delete the original sce_sdmemory.bin and sdimg_sce_sdmemory
    • rename temp.bin to sce_sdmemory.bin and temp to sdimg_sce_sdmemory
  12. replace the modified database with the original one
  13. are you done