PS4: SpecterDev making steady progress on 6.72 exploit implementation

PS4 Hacker SpecterDev has been hard at work trying to piece together the multiple elements of the 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak: a Webkit exploit running up to firmware 6.72, TheFlow’s Kernel exploit compatible up to 7.02, and how to turn these proof of concept pieces into an actual “usable” exploit to run Mira/HEN types of tools on PS4 firmware 6.72.

If you’re already lost with the previous paragraph, I won’t blame you, so here’s the ELI5 version: If you have a PS4 on firmware 6.72 or less, hold tight until something’s released for you. (and a more detailed status depending on your firmware here).

SpecterDev has been sharing his work in progress live on a twitch stream, and made significant progress today, being able to finally run the exploit in a controlled way to get control on some of the registers (Read After Free).

All of this is currently happening on firmware 5.05, an already hackable firmware where developers have access to debugging tools, in order to make progress faster. This still needs a lot of effort to become fully operational under 5.05, then ported with the right offsets or modifications for 6.72 (which, arguably, could be a super difficult step as SpecterDev will probably be operating “in the dark” on that firmware, with no debug tools).

There’s still a lot of work to happen before this turns into a fully functional 6.72 PS4 Jailbreak, and there’s no ETA at this point. It’s of course possible other devs are racing to deliver this, given that all the required code is technically public.

Source: SpecterDev on Twitch