PS5 preorders open tomorrow (links), starts at $399, will be out in November.

TL,DR: Amazon preorder link is allegedly here, not up yet.

In a PS5 conference today, Sony (finally) announced the price and release date of the PS5.

The digital (no disc) edition will cost $399 (EUR 399 in Europe), while the “standard” edition will cost $499. By comparison, the entry level Xbox S will be $299, while the Xbox X will cost $499, so the pricing seems on par with the competition.

The launch itself is planned for November 12th in a handful of countries including US and Japan, then November 19th for the rest of the world (including Europe).

New PS5 details
in addition to the release date, price, and preorder details, Sony announced a few upcoming games for the PS5, revealed details on upcoming accessories (headsets and controller charging stations, so don’t get super excited), as well as a new service for playstation plus members: The Playstation plus collection, which will be a series of PS4 titles downloadable for no additional charge, to existing PS Plus members. Pretty exciting way to transition to the new generation!

Where and how to preorder a PS5
Preorders will start tomorrow at “select” retailers, which includes without a doubt the big names such as Amazon or Walmart.

There are rumors that Sony had to dramatically limit the quantity of produced PS5s to meet schedule, and that this could make things harder for people looking to secure a preorder. Although Sony has stated these claims are inaccurate, no doubt that those of us who want to get the console on time will be hitting the refresh button a lot tomorrow.

This is allegedly the page for the PS5 on Amazon, although the link is not up yet. (affiliate link). Walmart also have a page up and ready, although it’s been displaying as “out of stock” almost as soon as word got out.