[PSVITA] AdrBubbleBooter VPKEdition V1.1 Released

Developer Leecherman aka LMAN has released a new plugin update called Adrenaline Bubble Booter aka AdrBubbleBooter in version 1.1. Adrenaline Bubble Booter allows you to start any ISO game OSO PBP PSOne from any PSP bubble in LiveArea, with all features enabled such as plugins, filters, saves and PSONE sounds.This feature was available on some older firmware with their hack epsp and with ARK Autoboot much requested by users on firmware 3.60 and 3.65.

Attention: it is advisable to read the guide well. Some incorrect passages may compromise the use of the eCFW Adrenaline



  • First of all, download the RAR file from the link below
  • Extract the RAR file and copy the entire ‘adrbblbooter’ file into ux0: (the main memory partition of the PSVita, probably will work with ur0)
  • Add ‘ux0: adrbblbooter / adrbblbooter.suprx’ under * TITLEID in the config.txt file example:

WARNING: NPXX00001.txt is the id of your clone bubble (not the id of the game to be started as ISO, EBOOT.PBP OR CSO)

* NPXX00001 
ux0: adrbblbooter / adrbblbooter.suprx 
ux0: adrenaline / adrenaline.suprx

  • (If you want to bypass the Adrenaline boot image, add ‘ux0: adrbblbooter / adrbblbooter_nostartdat.suprx’ instead of ‘ux0: adrbblbooter / adrbblbooter.suprx’) example:

* NPXX00001 
ux0: adrbblbooter / adrbblbooter_nostartdat.suprx 
ux0: adrenaline / adrenaline.suprx


  • Now reboot the device or reload the taihen configuration file (config.txt) via MolecularShell
  • After that, go to the ‘ux0: adrbblbooter / bubblesdb’ folder
  • Create a text file (.txt) with the titleID of the PSP game you are using as a bypass. You need to write the title ID of the bubble on your PSVita not of the game you want to open ( use id of the cloned bubble ). Example:

ux0: adrbblbooter / bubblesdb / NPXX00001.txt

  • Open the text file (.txt) you created and write the path to the ISO / CSO / PBP file. The path must be in ‘ms0:’ (from UX: pspemu) and not ‘ux0:’. This is an example:


  • Are you done! Open the bubble and fly!

If you want to remove the bubble for the specific game, 
just delete the text file containing the titleID:

ux0: adrbblbooter / bubblesdb / NPXX00001.txt

Tip : to clone bubbles it is recommended to use Ark-Fast

Additional information:

To load a customized startdat boot image for each PSP bubble: 
Copy the image file in PNG format to the ‘ ux0: adrbblbooter / bubblesdb ‘ folder , then rename it with any title-id of the PSP bubble you want to display in the image of start of startdat. 
The size and format of the image must be in PNG 480 × 272 format, otherwise it will not work. 
If the PNG file does not exist, the default Adrenaline logo will be displayed. 
Also in this version it is possible to display any logo without starting the games, if you delete 
the title-id.txt file from the bubblesdb folder, an example of PNG file is found in the bubblesdb folder.

To use the MARCH33 driver, just enter MARCH33 in a new line below the path of the game file, then it will look like this:


To run BOOT.BIN or EBOOT.OLD for prometheus, add EBOOT.OLD or BOOT.BIN in a new line under MARCH33example:



first public release.

Updated some codes and instructions.

v0.3: –
Updated the codes and made some changes. 
You can start games from both ux0 and ur0 partitions 
without changing the plugin’s location.


– Added option for driver mode to use march33 instead of hell for each iso file. 
– Added execution of the eboot.old or boot.bin option instead of eboot.bin for each iso file. 
– Added support to upload a customized boot image in startdat PNG format for each PSP bubble.


– Code updated and removed adrbblbooter_nostartdat.suprx ->  Added an option instead. 
– Added support for uma0 partition to start games from there -> use the updated version of adrenaline. 
– Added status option to disable or enable all games and pops plugins for each game file. 
– Added startdat startup option to disable or enable the startdat boot image for each game file.


– Restores the visibility of the USB option on non-PSVTV. 
-Fixa AdrBubbleBooter installer typo version of the LiveArea bubble.


AdrBubbleBooter VPKEdition v1.1


official LMAN page