[PSVITA] Bstone-Vita Released V0.3

Developer 01y has released a new update of the PSVita port for  bstone-vita in version 0.3. Bstone-life is a port of Blake Stone aka Bstone of the bibendovsky developer  , a 1994 first-person shooter, sadly overshadowed by Doom, which is released the following week. It is based on the Wolfenstein engine, but includes many features included in the Doom engine, such as structured floors and ceilings, interactive map elements such as breakers and destructible objects, dimming of distant objects, etc.

Installation and execution

Place the game resources in the ux0: / data / bstone / path and install the .vpk

Full versions of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike can currently be obtained from the 3D Realms website in addition to Steam and GOG (in any case for much less than $ 29.95!)

Planet Strike often freezes, so it’s not recommended at this time. Numeric keys, quotation marks, equals and dashes are encoded by hand on the touch screen to facilitate the change of weapons, the use of the elevator, etc. The sensitivity of the joystick (and therefore the maximum speed) is subject to changes in future versions.



  • Updated the source to the upstream version 1.1.13
  • Added previous / subsequent weapon functions (upper area of ​​the touchscreen and “O”)
  • Adjustable joystick sensitivity in the game
  • Cosmetic correction of the audio volume menu
  • The X and O buttons work as expected in the menu
  • Solves sporadic crashes when music is enabled and other insufficient memory errors
  • No faded tear
  • In the elevator, it vanishes from the window instead of from the message window


  • L is now “used”; – / = in the front
  • Joystick sensitivity adjustment
  • Performance improvement (> 20%)
  • The HUD is no longer available in various circumstances
  • Live area resources are optimized, shortcut added
  • Heartbeat enabled by default
  • Turn off recommended background music