[PSVITA] Final H-Encore V1.9 Released With Firmware Support 3.71

developer has released a new update of Final h-encore in version 1.9. Final h-encore makes it easy to install h-encore² on PSVITA with one of the following firmware:

  • 3.65
  • 3.67
  • 3.68
  • 3.69
  • 3.70
  • 3.71.

Compared to auto h-encore has many built-in tools like Qcma / pkg2zip / psvimgtools, just install the application, connect the PSVITA to the PC and follow to the letter the various messages that come out on the window of the program obviously translated by me all in Italian.

Warning: for those who use this tool for the first time it is recommended to install the psvita driver  QcmaDriver_winusb.exe



  1. Support 3.69-3.71 with h-encore²
  2. Fixed an issue where memcore was not working on 3.61


  1. Removed h-encore emptying to load the payload slightly faster
  2. Support 3.61 / 3.67, you will not be asked to update on these firmware ( # 46  )
  3. Reduced error C2-12821-1 (  # 47  )
  4. Unmatched firmware versions displayed on the firmware update have been resolved


  1. Support for memecore (h-encore 2.0 for PSVITA 3.60 with PSN access), compiled from my fork  , thanks to  CelesteBlue-dev for its port
  2. The h-encore app can be cut to just  6.5 MB , thanks to KuromeSan
  3. Fixed a bug that the button is reset to be clickable when another synchronization of information is received from PSVITA
  4. Solved the problem of the French language


  • Official correction updated for h-encore 2.0
  • Support for H-Encore 2.0


  1. Calculate the backup key from AID offline (  # 43  ), thanks to  the KuromeSan code
  2. Update prepared for Enso 1.1 and VitaShell 1.98


  1. New feature: check the firmware version and support firmware update 3.65 / 3.68 via USB connection
  2. New feature: create applications prepared for transfer using Content Management
  3. Added Russian translation


  1. Embedded h-encore.zip in binary
  2. Added translation: Japanese


  1. Added translations: Czech, Italian, Spanish and Turkish
  2. Fixed problem with h-encore.zip download crash
  3. Compatible with OS X pre-compiled with Mavericks 10.9+
  4. Other minor corrections