[PSVITA] Released New Firmware Update 3.72

[PSVITA] Released New Firmware Update 3.72 Reading Time: 1 Min

Sony surprisingly 18 hours after the release of h-encore² by the developer TheFlow, has released in these hours a new firmware update for PSVITA in version 3.72. This new update is as always mandatory to access again online and improves the quality of system performance. If you are on firmware 3.60,3.65,3.67,3.68,3.69,3.70 and 3.71 , it is strongly recommended to stay away from firmware 3.72 if you want to continue using H-Encore2, disabling automatic updates. Firmware 3.72 totally blocks h-encore² and inserts bitter smileys and some other vulnerabilities into the blacklist. Chovy-Sign continues to work. We will keep you posted!!!