[PSVITA] VitaShell V2.0 Released

The developer TheFloW, the most active of the PSVITA scene, has released IN POCHE ORE a new update of Vitashell that reaches version 2.0. The number one tool for those who own a PSVITA / PSTV with HENkaku Ensō, VitaShell is a complete similar file manager to multiMAN on PS3 and allows you to install Vpk, open archives, has the ability to mount the sd2vita and psvsd adapter as a USB device and access the PSVITA internal memory via USB or FTP. The new update added compatibility with firmware 3.72

How to use a USB flash drive as a memory card on a PSTV
  • Format the USB flash drive as exFAT or FAT32.
  • Start VitaShell and press / in the ‘home’ section.
  • Select ‘Mount uma0:’ and connect the USB flash drive. Now you can copy your files to / from your USB stick.
  • Once ‘uma0:’ is listed under the partitions, press / again and choose ‘Mount ux0 USB:’. This will copy important applications like VitaShell, molecularShell, and other files.
  • The USB flash drive now acts as a memory card.
  • To synchronize all applications on your USB flash drive, press / and select ‘Update LiveArea’. This does not update PSP games.
  • If you want to restore the patch, press / select ‘umount ux0 USB:’.
  • I remind you that this patch is only temporary and it is necessary to repeat the procedure every time you start the PS TV.


You can customize these files:

File Note
colors.txt All colors are adjustable
archive_icon.png Archive icon
audio_icon.png Audio icon
battery.png Battery board icon
battery_bar_charge.png battery charging bar
battery_bar_green.png Green battery bar
battery_bar_red.png Red battery bar
bg_audioplayer.png Background for audio player
bg_browser.png Background for the file browser
bg_hexeditor.png Background for hex editor
bg_photoviewer.png Background for photo viewer
bg_texteditor.png Background for text editor
context.png Image of the context menu (can be any size Tip: it will be perfect if you add an alpha channel to your image)
context_more.png Context menu plus image (can be any size Tip: it will be perfect if you add an alpha channel to your image)
cover.png Default album cover
dialog.png Image of the dialog menu (can be any size.) This image file will be stretched by VitaShell to fit the dialog box Tip: do not use the motifs, as they do not look good with incorrect proportions)
fastforward.png Fastforward icon
fastrewind.png Fastrewind icon
file_icon.png File icon
folder_icon.png Folder icon
ftp.png FTP icon
image_icon.png Image icon
pause.png break icon
play.png Game icon
Settings.png Settings icon
sfo_icon.png SFO icon
text_icon.png Text icon
the background image Background

Theme setting:  VitaShell will load the theme set in  ‘ux0: VitaShell / theme / theme.txt’  (THEME_NAME = “YOUR_THEME_NAME”)

General information:  it is not necessary to have all these files in the custom theme, if one of them is missing, the default image file will be loaded.

Dialog and context image:  if these files are not available, the colors DIALOG_BG_COLOR  and  CONTEXT_MENU_COLOR will be used   from  “colors.txt”  .

The standard VitaShell theme is provided in  “VitaShellCustomization.rar”  available in the “release” section   .

Multi language

Insert your language file in  “ux0: VitaShell / language /x.txt”  ,  where the file must be encoded in UTF-8 and “x” is one of the languages ​​listed below:

  • Japanese
  • English_US
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • chinese_t
  • Chinese
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • portuguese_br
  • Turkish

VitaShell automatically loads the language that corresponds to the current language of the system. For example, if your system language is French, it will be loaded from “ux0: VitaShell / language / french.txt”.

The English file is provided in  “VitaShellCustomization.rar”  available in the “release” section   . Also, language files are available in the ‘ l10n ‘ folder



  • Added 3.72 firmware support


  • Added 3.71 firmware support


  • Improved “Update Live Area”. Thanks to TheRadziu.


  • Added support for symbolic links that allows you to set and show recent bookmarks and files. Thanks to abertschi.
  • Added some shortcuts: left + []: show bookmarks, left + /: show recent files, left + O: QR scanner.
  • Fixed error in the ad hoc dialog box where X is always the send button.


  • Added the ability to skip pages in the file browser and SFO viewer using L / R triggers 
    (QR download was temporarily removed and will be re-implemented later).
  • Added the ability to move files between partitions by copying and removing.
  • Fixed bug where the option to disable the warning message was not saved.
  • USB changes canceled because people have reported a problem with installing vpk with it.


  • Added option to disable warning messages during vpks installation.
  • Correct error in USB connection, where your Memory Card could be corrupted.
  • Fixed line breaks in SFO files and long names.
  • udcd_uvc.skprx Compatibility corrected thanks to xerpi.
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