QuickHEN Beta 4.74-5.07 Released, A Faster And More Stable HEN

The developer CelesteBlue has released QuickHEN beta a HEN for the jailbroken PS4 from firmware 4.74 to 5.07. Compared to versions released in the past, it seems that the new HEN has reached stability and speed of use. Perhaps the problem of insufficient memory seems almost solved .

φ CelesteBlue φ@CelesteBlue123

I’m back into PS4 scene since a week.
I have rewritten the 4.74, 5.01 and 5.05 kernel exploits
to be more stable and more understandable.
Please test on a PS4 on any FW between 4.74 and 5.07:http://celesteblue.nopsn.com/PS4/NEW/ 
and report in comment the success rate.

φ CelesteBlue φ@CelesteBlue123

QuickHEN beta 4.74-5.07
(full video this time) pic.twitter.com/YCTmp4l6Jr

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