[RELEASE] PS-Phwoar! Exploit Host Menu For PS4 Firmware 5.05

PS-Phwoar! Exploit Host Menu – An extensive collection of all the latest PS4 exploit payloads for your exploitable PS4 5.05 console.

Here is my new Host Menu based on the original PS4 home menu design. It includes all the latest payloads and an exclusive new set of Backup & Restore payloads for various parts of the PS4 system.

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg
09.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg

When the menu loads, you can just press the X button to instantly run HEN.

Press the ‘R1’ button to see a description of the selected payload.
(Special Payloads like Fan Control, Firmware Spoofer and ReactPSPlus-MOD display extra information when you press ‘R1’ like ‘Current Fan Control Temperature setting’ ‘Current Official and Spoofed Firmware versions’ and ‘Current system clock and kernel clock times’)

To toggle the AutoHen feature On or Off use the L2 button.
If AutoHen is turned on, Hen will automatically load when you first open the menu.
Once Hen is loaded on your PS4 the regular PS-Phwoar! menu will open instead allowing you to access all the other payloads.

There are several methods to install the menu to your PS4.
You can install the menu from a USB drive, from a PC, from an ESP board or from an Android device.

Here is a video by Nagato’s Revenge showcasing PS-Phoar! Including a full tutorial of using BinLoader to install it via USB.

– Updated HEN to v2.1.4 by The Darkprogramer.
– Added an AutoHen option to automatically load Hen when the menu opens.
– GTA V Lotus Mod Menu updated to v1.04.
– Fixed an issue where FTP would not work with SaveMounter+FTP.


– Added HEN v2.1.3 by SiSTR0.
– Updated PS4REN by SiSTR0 to v2.0.
– Added a couple more Game Dumper Options as requested. (You do not need a cfg file on your USB with these payloads!)

– Hen v2.1.2 by SiSTR0 added. This has added Trophy debug patches which will allow new backported games to be installed and run without any problems.


– PS-Phwoar! is now compatable with all of LightningMod’s apps. (Orbisman, HB Store & Updater POC apps now work)
– WebRTE-V2 Trainer added as requested.
– Game Dumper Options added as requested – You can now choose to dump your game and update seperatly or into one merged folder without having to use a cfg file on the USB.

First release of PS-Phwoar!

PS-Phwoar__v1.4_USB_Installer.zip : https://mir.cr/1HH2U5X6

PS-Phwoar__v1.4_PC_Installer.zip : https://mir.cr/DLLML3NG

PS-Phwoar__v1.4_ESP_Installer.zip : https://mir.cr/MEEBDXA8

PS-Phwoar__v1.4_Android_Installer.zip : https://mir.cr/0Y44OOWI

Optional_USB_FILES.zip : https://mir.cr/1FY9DFOS
(Copy the Optional USB Files to your USB Drive if you use the appToUsb or PKG Backup payloads.)