[SWITCH] Atmosphère V0.10.3 Released With Full Firmware Support 9.2.0

New update of Atmosphère released by the developer SciresM with the new version 0.10.3, with support for firmware 9.2.0. To update or install this new version I recommend deleting the / atmosphere / bootloader / sept folders and inserting the new version files.


Atmosphère is made up of several components, each of which replaces / modifies a different system component:

  • Fusée: First phase loader, responsible for the loading and validation of phase 2 (customized TrustZone) plus package 2 (the Kernel / FIRM sysmodules) and their application as needed. This replaces all the functionality normally in Package1loader / NX Bootloader.
    • Sept: payload used to enable support for derivation of the runtime key on 7.0.0.
  • Exosphère: Custom TrustZone, to run a customized secure monitor
  • Thermosphère: ELu EmuNAND support, i.e. backup and use of virtualized / redirected NAND images
  • Stratosphère: Custom Sysmodule (s), both Rosalina-style to extend the kernel / provide new features and the reimplementation style of the loader to hook important system actions
  • Troposphère: application-level Horizon operating system patches, used to implement desirable CFW features


  • Support for 9.2.0 has been added.
  • Support for manual html content redirection for games has been added.
    • It works like a normal layer, replacing the inserted content  /atmosphere/contents/<program id>/manual_html/.
    • This allows game mods / translations to provide customized manual content if they wish.
  • Numerous improvements have been made to Atmosphere’s memory usage, including:
    • fatal now uses STB instead of freetype for rendering.
      • This saves about 1 MB of memory and makes our fatal substantially leaner than that of Nintendo.
    • sm no longer wastes 2 MiB unnecessarily.
  • sdmmc access to fusee / sept now better matches official behavior.
    • This improves compatibility with some SD cards.
  • ro has been updated to reflect the changes made in 9.1.0.
  • The temporary auto-migration added in 0.10.0 has been removed, as the transition period is over.
  • General system stability improvements to improve the user experience.

For information on the feature set supported by 0.10.0, see  the official release notes  .