[SWITCH] NxNandManager V1.1.2 Released With Firmware Support 8.1.0

The developer Eliboa has released a new tool to facilitate the backup of the Nand of the Nintendo Switch console in NxNandManager with the 1.1.2 version compatible with the 8.1.0 firmware. NxNandManager is a command line utility (and GUI) for Windows 7 and 10, whose main purpose is to copy the contents of Nintendo Switch (complete NAND or specific partition) to / from a file or physical drive.


  • Complete NAND backup and recovery (BOOT0, BOOT1, RAWNAND)
  • Copy from / to specific partition (RAWNAND)
  • Dump integrity verification (MD5)
  • Enable / Disable automatic RCM (BOOT0)


All dumps performed with Hekate are supported by NxNandManager (and vice versa).

NxNM also supports subdivided dumps (such as the NAND dumps of the operating system SX (emu)). 
The names of the divided files should be: 
basename[00->99].(bin|.*)o  basename[0->9].(bin|.*)o  basename.[0->∝]
Set the first file divided as input

How to mount and open your Nintendo Switch NAND?

  1. Use  memloader  v3 to mount eMMC on your computer (  TegraRcmGUI  provides an easy way to do this).
  2. Open NxNandManager (CLI: add topic – list to list all available physical drives, GUI: File> Open Drive).
  3. Select the mounted unit. Now you can perform backup / restore operations.

CLI usage

NxNandManager.exe [--list] [--info] [--enable_autoRCM] [--disable_autoRCM] -i inputFilename|\\.\PhysicalDriveX [-o outputFilename|\\.\PhysicalDriveX] [-part=nxPartitionName] [lFlags]

arguments Description Example
-gui Launch the graphical user interface (optional) --gui
-Information Displays detailed information on input (-i) and output (-o) flows --info -i rawnand.bin
-list List the compatible physical drives --list
-enable_autoRCM Enable the auto-RCM for the BOOT0 partition indicated with -i param --enable_autoRCM -i BOOT0
--enable_autoRCM -i "C:\some dir\BOOT0"
--enable_autoRCM -i \\.\PhysicalDrive3
-disable_autoRCM Disable the auto-RCM for the BOOT0 partition indicated with -i param --disable_autoRCM -i BOOT0
--disable_autoRCM -i "C:\some dir\BOOT0"
--disable_autoRCM -i \\.\PhysicalDrive3
-I Path to insert the file or physical drive -i rawnand.bin
-i "C:\some dir\rawnand.bin"
-i \\.\PhysicalDrive3
-or Path to output file or physical drive -o rawnand.bin
-o \\.\PhysicalDrive3
-part = Copy from / to a specific NAND partition (optional) -part=PRODINFO
LFLAGS Description
BYPASS_MD5SUM Used to bypass all checks MD5 
Dump / Restore is faster but less secure
FORCE The program will never ask for user confirmation


Download the complete NAND on file

  • From physical disk (first you need to mount NX eMMC with  memloader  (via  TegraRcmGUI  for ex):
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i \\.\PhysicalDrive3 -o "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin"
  • From the existing dump file:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin" -o D:\rawnand2.bin

Dump specific file partitions

  • Dump the SYSTEM partition from the physical drive:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i \\.\PhysicalDrive3 -o "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\SYSTEM.bin" -part=SYSTEM
  • Extract the PRODINFOF partition from the existing dump file:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin" -o D:\PRODINFOF.bin -part=PRODINFOF

Restore NAND dump

  • Restore the entire raw NAND memory on the physical drive:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin" -o \\.\PhysicalDrive3
  • Restore raw NAND memory divided into physical drive:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\full00.bin" -o \\.\PhysicalDrive3
  • Restore specific partition on physical disk: 
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin" -o \\.\PhysicalDrive3 -part=PRODINFO
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\PRODINFO" -o \\.\PhysicalDrive3 -part=PRODINFO

Copy the partition from the file to the rawNand file

  • Copy specific partition from the rawNand file:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand.bin" -o "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand2.bin" -part=BCPKG2-1-Normal-Main
  • Copy specific partition from partition file:
    .\NxNandManager.exe -i "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\BCPKG2-1-Normal-Main" -o "C:\Users\Public\NAND dump\rawnand2.bin" -part=BCPKG2-1-Normal-Main