[SWITCH / PSVITA] Released Pemu V 4.4

If you are short of emulators on Nintendo Switch and PSVITA the developer Cpasjuste returns with a new update of pemu with the new version 4.4.Pemu is a suite of various emulators “p” for Nintendo Switch and PSVITA such as pFBA, pSNES, pNES, etc.


  • pnes: update for the latest changes of pemu
  • pfbn: adds support for the nes console
  • pfbn: update fbneo core to commit  89f2b6d
  • all: add the skin “big_preview”
  • all: romlist: resolve case-sensitive sorting
  • all: romlist: don’t filter on file extension, show all files in rom folder
  • all: load previews from predefined folders even if the game does not exist in the database (“media / mixrbv2 /  .png”, “media / video /  .mp4″)
  • all: add the “no preview” image when no preview is found
  • all: add some effects to preview images / videos
  • all: further improvements to overall system stability and other minor changes have been made to improve the user experience