[SWITCH] Released NSC_Builder V0.90d

New update for NSC_Builder aka Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder with the new version 0.90 from the developer julesontheroad .NSC_Builder is based on the fantastic “REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS” feature of nut by the developer blawar, this function allows you to delete the titlrights encryption from the nsp files. The Tinfoil and SX installer will install the ticket in both modes so that it does not remain in the system where it is necessary to delete the ticket and the certificate from the nsp. This batch file will take care of it.

The current version of the program allows you to create multi-content xci or nsp files.

The batch file has 2 modes:

  • automatic mode : individually drag nsp files or folders with multiple files onto the batch to enter automatic mode.
  • manual mode : double click on the batch and you can create a list of files to process.

The behavior of these modes can be controlled by modifying ztools NSCB_options.cmd

2. Important

The program incorporates a custom build of nut.py and hacbuild with several added features. You will not be able to use them if you replace these files for official builds.

3. Requirements

  • A computer with a Windows operating system is required
  • You will need to have Python 3 installed for the program to work properly
  • You will need to install these libraries: “urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requires the image” to help you in this you can run the file “install_dependencies.bat”.
  • You have to fill the keys_template.txt file inside the ztools folder and rename it to keys.txt
  • You will need to have at least .net framework 4.5.2 installed so that hacbuild can work properly.

Descriptions of the various options

OPTION 1: setting up work and output folders

OPTION 2: path for the necessary programs

OPTION 3: nut options

  • pycommand -> your command to invoke python 3 (default py -3)
  • buffer -> buffer in number of bytes for copy functions
  • Copy -> function with or without delta

--C_clean -> Copy and remove titlerights. Don't skips deltas

--C_clean_ND-> Copy and remove titlerights skipping deltas

OPTION 4: Install a game_info.ini and keys.txt

OPTION 5: REPACK OPTIONS. Check the repack in automatic mode.

Repacking option for automatic mode
  • xci -> repack as xci
  • nsp -> repack as nsp
  • both -> both repacks
Repack type for folders
  • indiv -> repackages the contents individually as multiples xci / nsp
  • multi -> reset the content as a single multicontent xci / nsp


  • indiv-> Enter directly into individual packing mode
  • multi-> Enter directly into multi-pack mode
  • choose-> Ask to choose the mode you want to enter


Select if you want to collapse items to restore the nsp files in their original state.

5. Limitations

  • It is not possible to create multi-content xci files with more than 8 games. It will give error when loading. I suspect it could be a limitation of qlauncher, so it might work with theme mods but INTRO has not been tested.
  • If you pack an update that requires a higher firmware where you are, you will not be able to skip the update request.

6. Scheduled functions

  • List manager.
  • Batch tools to implement some of my changes to nut libraries.
  • Support for meta patching and control for creating custom logos.
  • Jump to the individual mode.
  • Content separator.
  • Titration restoration mode.



– Fixed issue where renamer did not rename xci and added nsx to the file type that can be renamed

– Updated nutdb file


Fixes the problem with name detection for files not listed in nutdb json files

– Adds the format nsx to allowed for information functions. With the exception of the npdm reader, the reason is that without a title key it is not possible to read the npdm file

– Fixes the paths for downloading nut json files for exe versions. Now the jsons get the correct download on zconfig DB

– Resolves support of threads for renaming and DB operations

– Resolves option 14 which does not work on the configuration

– Note: for offline support on NSCB you need to download json files and add a high update value to NUT_DB_REGIONS_URL and NUT_DB_REGIONS_URL.txt, so you can update them manually. I will add support for manual update from the program to the next version.

  • For now a nutdb.zip that has been added to the version, download it if you want to use the scheme described above. The zip already includes the 4 json nutdb files currently in use, it also includes a value of 9999 hours in the update time, or more than a year.
  • Download that file and extract it to the NSCB path. It already includes the zconfig folder. Overwrite content when requested by your system.