[SWITCH] Released Switch Screenshot Organizer V1.01

Very nice the hacking scene on the Nintendo Switch console in this period. From Scarlet arrives Switch Organizer Screenshot.This brand new tool allows you to organize over 2000 screenshots and videos from Micro SD to a specific folder.Also it has the function to save the ID of the game on a txt file, GameIDs.txt, to facilitate editing and sharing


  • Copy the screenshots of the Nintendo Switch from Micro SD to a specified folder
  • View the screenshot of unknown games to identify
  • Once identified, they will be automatically copied to the correct folder
  • Copy both screenshots and videos
  • Save the game ID and name pairs in GameIDs.txt to facilitate editing and sharing


  • You can not preview videos
  • No progress bar
  • Windows forms only for Windows


  • Select your Switch album folder (for example D: \ Nintendo \ Album)
  • Select the folder where you want to insert screenshots
  • Press the Start button
  • Enter the name of the game shown in the screenshot

Note  : the Skip button will skip the current screenshot if you do not know which game it is, but will copy it if the game is identified later. If the game is not identified, the screenshot will not be copied.


Switch Screenshot Organizer v1.01


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