TheFlow’s imminent FW 3.65-3.68 hack: Homebrew that make your PSVita/PSTV Great Again!

In a few days, many people will go hurrah at the sight of hacked console but after that, many will think “What should I do next?”. To answer that question, this article will look at 5 pieces of homebrew that I personally think are essential to the PSVita experience.

1. Adrenaline, an ePSP hack on steroids by TheFlow

Without a doubt, a sizeable amount of folks who have a PSVita also have a PSP lying around in their house. Unfortunately, some PSPs, including mine, tend to break after a few years of continuous usage and this is where Adrenaline comes in and fills your nostalgia gap!

As you can see, Adrenaline gives you the full XMB experience which you can further customise to your liking!

Adrenaline doesn’t only allow you to play PSP games but it also features:

  • The full XMB experience so that you can relive the glory days of the PSP
  • Support for PS1/PSX games in PSP EBOOT format
  • Homebrew support, even offering 64MB RAM support in order to allow more complex homebrew to run
  • A variety of screen filters that make games look better
  • Many other great things such as right analogue stick support (can be achieved either by official Sony settings or via the Camera Patch Lite plugin by Freakler), save states and the VSH recovery menu

2. VitaQuake III by Rinnegatamante

VitaQuake III is still in beta-stage but apart from some FPS issues on higher resolutions, it’s working pretty well!

VitaQuake III is a personal favourite because it’s a homebrew game that allows you to enjoy a few minutes of killing AI bots with a decent framerate and great controls. Furthermore, you can also join in local or online multiplayer servers so that you can frag your friends rather than computer-generated bots!

For the best experience, it’s recommended you set the resolution setting to 480×272 so that you get a framerate that’s above 30FPS most of the time, mostly hovering around 40-60FPS in the shareware maps I’ve regularly played. If you’re a Quake fan, there’s also VitaQuake and VitaQuake II which you should check out if you’re a fan of FPS games since the PSVita’s official game library is quite lacking in that genre!

3. Various mini-games including Sudokucpp, Pickr VITA, Tetromino and StarKiller 2D

The PSVita homebrew library excels in providing small games that are fun to play for a short amount of time (say, 10-30 minutes). Only mentioning one of these great mini-games would be causing a great disservice to the various others that exist so a list of them is the best way to get around this! Among my favourite homebrew mini-games, there are:

  • Tetromino by Svenn, and its Touhou Edition by Aurora (i.e myself), which is an excellent way to play Tetris on the go!

    Hendoku is one of the many fun PSVita games you can play if you don’t have much time on hand!

  • Hendoku by Kuni59, a simple yet entertaining Sudoku homebrew that you control with the L/R buttons and d-pad.
  • Pickr VITA by Joel16 is a very simple game in which you have to tap on the slightly different colour in a 4×4 grid of the same colour.
  • StarKiller 2D, a PSVita-exclusive homebrew game by Freakler similar to Sokoban which has you turning off stars while trying not to get trapped in the maze
  • SpiderVita by LeeStorm, a spider solitaire homebrew game for the PSVita. There isn’t much to say here except that it’s an excellent way to pass 10 minutes!
  • Many others including Flood It! and Eucloid

4. Vita Homebrew Browser by devnoname120

Vita Homebrew Browser is a must-have homebrew utility if you plan to fully check out the Vita’s homebrew library!

As its title suggests, VHBB is a utility that lets you install homebrew directly on your PSVita. VHBB gets its homebrew from VitaDB, Rinnegatamante’s homebrew data base, and lets you install homebrew on your Vita with the touch of a button. VHBB not only installs downloads and installs homebrew with minimal effort BUT it also installs separate data files for games that require them!

VitaDB has a selection of 215 homebrew titles and 74 plugins so it’ll be quite a while until you browse everything! After you browse through that, you can also check Brewology’s store which has some ONELua homebrew, such as Sudorku, ONEMenu, ONETranslate and App Manager Plus, that isn’t available on VitaDB.


5. AutoPlugin by TheHeroGAC

While you won’t be using AutoPlugin after setting up your PSVita/PSTV, it’s still an excellent utility to get you going. AutoPlugin installs commonly used plugins and does that job in an excellent way as it even modifies taiHEN’s configuration files itself! This utility can automatically install the following plugins:

  • DownloadEnabler
  • NoNpDrm
  • NoPsmDrm
  • Adrenaline fix double touch

    AutoPlugin is a simple idea that’s done well which could save new users lots of headaches!

  • Gamesd
  • Shellbat
  • Vitabright
  • pngshot
  • Kuio
  • Vflux
  • Repatch
  • NoAVLS
  • ds3vita
  • ds4vita

Fortunately, TheHeroGAC believes in choice so you can choose not to install all the plugins listed above if not all of them interest you!


Quite obviously, there’s still a lot of other great homebrew available for the PSVita but if all were to be listed, this article would be extremely long! To get the homebrew listed above, simply follow the links below or the in-text hyperlinks.

This article includes a great deal of my personal opinion so please comment in a civil way if you disagree with my picks!

Adrenaline GitHub page:

VitaQuake III /talk page:

Vita Homebrew Browser:


Some homebrew that deserve honourable are the Whitelist hacks for the PSTV which allow you to play ALL PSVita games on it and the various open-source game ports by usineur, Rinnegatamante and rsn8887

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