[UPDATE] webMAN MOD 1.47.27 (20200517): Big Announcement – Important milestone’s achieved

Update (v1.47.27 – 20200517) since the initial release of webMAN MOD v1.47.27 @aldostools has made huge improvements to the plugin with these latest revisions to v1.47.27.The developer is adding alot of new functionality to the plugin and has some big announcements in the latest changes. See UPDATED changelog and also quote from developer Aldostools himself about the latest progress provided to the PS3 Plugin in this latest update

(Original Article) Developer @aldostools whom recently updated IRISMAN for 4.86 Support (& more) has also updated the popular plugin webMAN MOD to version 1.47.27 with support for 4.86 firmware. That has not been the only changes provided to the webMAN MOD plugin. For instance, If you are transferring files via FTP that information will be displayed in the Temperature Monitoring page (from a networked connected broswser: your ps3ip/cpursx.ps3). The plugin has some other additional features and fixes provided in this update marked in the changelog provided below.


webMAN MOD is a fork of @deank‘s original webMAN. Dean’s version is solid and provides a great experience on its own and provides a great foundation to webMAN MOD which started out as a collection of mods and the developer Aldostool’s really took over the fork’s development and provided many new features / support and takes the plugin into modern times. Both are great options provided by great developer’s and to get a bit of insight on their development perspective be sure to checkout our recent interviews of both of these developer’s deank (vol.1) and also Aldostools in (vol. 3) from our Power Supply Series


  • Update May 17 via Aldostools (link)

    webMAN MOD 1.47.27 (20200517)

    • What’s New (May 17, 2020):
      • Support for mount PSPISO directly from ps3netsrv (without copy to internal HDD).
        It’s not longer required the extracted EBOOT.BIN to launch remote PSPISOs. Just put the ISO and mount it
      • Support for mount PSPISO directly from NTFS (without copy to internal HDD). Requires prepISO 1.26
      • PSPISOs now support external <file.iso>.SND0.AT3 and <file.iso>.ICON1.PAM used by PSP Launcher
      • Web command /write.ps3?f=<file>&t=<text>&line=<num> now supports overwrite line in text file
    • What’s New (May 11, 2020):
      • New parameter added to /setup.ps3 to limit the maximum fan speed (by default now is 80%)
      • Support for experimental RetroArch 1.8.6 & stable RetroArch 1.8.5
      • Added support for launch .self using PKG/ROM Launcher as helper
      • Added support for ignore certain file names defined in wm_ignore.txt during ROMS scanning
      • Extended the web commands: /write.ps3 and /install_ps3
      • Game icons now are displayed proportionally in /index.ps3
      • Fixed memory capped in “standard” memory profile
    • What’s New (May 04, 2020):
      • Added support for mount & list ROMS from remote server (ps3netsrv)
      • Updated PKG/ROMS Launcher with new icon & fixed paths when external gameDATA enabled
      • Added support for display ROM name, icon, background (PIC1.PNG), sound (SND0.AT3), etc.
      • New web commands: /write.ps3 and /write_ps3 allow to patch binary files & create log files
      • New URL shortcut search in /dev_hdd0, /dev_hdd0/game & “home url”. e.g. http://localhost/IRISMAN00
      • Added breadcrumb trail for 404 error and /browser.ps3$screenshot_xmb
      • Fixed regression with web commands /mount.ps3?<name> and /mount.ps3?<url>
      • Fixed a bug where client stay connected due keep-alive in http header
      • Refactored /play.ps3<path> now respond after mount. Do not wait until the game is launched.
      • Fixed broked URL for online covers, thanks to DeViL303.com
        Improved game unmount, Now display ICON0 of the mounted game & better instructions (english only)
      • Fixed issue with web command /install.ps3 in CFW
    • Added explicit support for 4.86
    • Added display of current ftp file being uploaded to /cpursx.ps3
    • Added option to disable wm_proxy via /setup.ps3
    • Added /earth.ps3 to map earth.qrc to one from /dev_hdd0/tmp/earth/#.qrc
    • Fixed gamepad combo issues #270 and #299 reported by @gosseux & @LuanTeles
    • Fix for option that disable connection to offline servers
    • Fixed regression with combos for mount /net0 & /net1 & toggle gameDATA (SELECT+)
    • Fixed issue showing icons & webMAN Setup menu with external gameDATA enabled
    • Fixed issue copying cover images from ps3netsrv (fixes issue #324)
    • Fixed issue scanning games in subfolders stored in NTFS devices (issue #341)

    If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*, I’d really appreciate it!
    https://www.paypal.me/aldostools (Funds are mainly to cover the high server costs)


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