Even More Nintendo Leaks: Pokemon Sun & Moon Source Repos & Wii Firmware with TV Remote Support Leaked

Over a month ago in early September, various Nintendo stuff was leaked on the internet including the source code for Pokemon Emerald together with a dump of the Wii Startup Disc. Now, more leaks have made their way online with the source repositories of Pokemon Sun & Moon being leaked together with more Wii stuff!

Where do these & previous leaks come from?

Ever since July, Nintendo leaks have been occurring every few weeks with the latest coming with Pokemon Sun & Moon’s source code! (Tweet)

Frequent leaks of Nintendo-related stuff have been happening ever since July with source code for a good deal popular titles, such as F-Zero & Super Mario World, being shared on the internet together with various prototype documents and content. As per a comment by Reddit user ‘GlaDOS_Aperture’, who has been keenly following and describing these leaks, their origin is likely a hack into Nintendo’s internal network done in March 2018 by Wack0 (Zammis Clark) who was arrested in March 2019 due to his hacking activities.

Yesterday, even more Nintendo-related stuff was leaked online albeit this time around, the contents of the leak contain source code for a pretty modern Pokemon title together with more Wii-related stuff showing off TV Remote support and more!

What do these leaks include?

According to a list by ‘GlaDOS_Aperture’ on Reddit, these leaks contain:

  • The entirety of the Pokemon Sun & Moon repository together with Ultra Sun & Moon stuff

    Apparently, Nintendo was working on TV Remote support on the Wii but it ended up axed (Source)

    • Pokemon Sun & Moon are the penultimate titles in the Pokemon main series. They were released for the 3DS in November 2016 with the Ultra versions coming out a year later
    • The repository is missing some files and scripts making it difficult to actually compile it into a working copy of the games.
  • A pre-release version of the Wii’s system software with support for using the Wiimote to control some TVs
  • A Wii diagnostic tool by NEC having to do with the Wii’s GPU (Hollywood)
  • Further Pokemon Sun & Moon-related stuff including an ‘island_02’ map together with more information on pre-release Wii software


You may read more about yesterday’s leaks by following the link to the Reddit thread below. Obviously, no links will be provided to the leaked material as it’s been shared illegally although a search or two will probably get you more insight on what’s been shared.

Reddit Thread discussing October 17 Leaks: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/jcwiyu/new_nintendo_leak_full_pokemon_sun_an