Orbital PS4 emulator: dev shares upcoming improvements and hopes for a 2021 binary release

Developer AlexAltea has shared an update on his Experimental PS4 emulator, Orbital. Although the project hasn’t seen any significant code update in almost a year (you might remember when it started outputting graphics back in 2019, though) , the developer wants us to know the project is still alive. He’s shared a few thoughts in a youtube video (link below).

What is Orbital PS4?

Orbital is an early-stage PS4 emulator. At the moment, it is not ready for end users, but developers willing to help can build it from source.

What’s new with Orbital PS4?

There hasn’t been any significant code update in a year, so this update is mostly a “the project’s still alive” signal. Nonetheless, Alex has shared a few things about the status of the Orbital PS4 emulator in his video, and upcoming changes, in particular:

  • A new approach to the boot process, les brittle than the previous one. In particular, the developer states this new approach could allow developers to live debug ubios, which could allow to investigate pre-kernel exploits.
  • A new approach to introspection, coming in a few weeks
  • Hopes for a binary release this year.

How is Orbital useful right now?

For the end user, Orbital is not entirely useful right now. For developers and hackers however, AlexAltea states that this could be useful to start investigating the internals of the console, while debugging signals.

Download Orbital PS4 Emulator

You can access the sources on AlexAltea’s github here.

The full update video below: