Vita Recorder by Rinnegatamante

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    • Vita Recorder is a plugin that allows to record video clips during your play sessions.
      The code is based off VITA2PC at which has been applied improvements and the streaming feature has been replaced with file recording.

      Current features set

      • Allows to record clips of unlimited duration (given enough free storage is available).
      • Records clips in RAW mjpeg (can be opened on Windows Media Player and other popular video players as well as can be easily converted to more common formats on PC).
      • Allows to downscale on CPU the output to 480×272 allowing for faster transcoding.
      • Performs hw encoding in MJPEG thanks to sceJpegEncoder when possible. When resources are not enough, libjpeg-turbo is used instead, as fallback, for software encoding.
      • Allows to perform both asynchronous and synchronous recording (The first won’t affect game performances but you may end up having some artifacts or some missing frames, the latter will lower game performances but will produce frame perfect clips).
      • Allows to apply frameskip on synchronous recording.


    This plugin is an entry for the KyûHEN PSVITA homebrew contest.