Release: jfsw-vita 1.0 – Play Shadow Warrior Classic on your PS Vita!

Vita Developer Rinnegatamante has released jfsw-vita, a Vita version of the original Shadow Warrior FPS.

What is jfsw-vita

jfsw-vita lets your play the Shadow Warrior FPS (the one from the nineties, running on the same 3D engine as Duke Nukem 3D) on your hacked PS Vita. It is based on an existing port, JonoF’s Shadow Warrior Port.

From Rinnegatamante:

It supports both shareware and full game data files and since Shadow Warrior Classic became freeware starting from 2013 with the release of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, this release will feature the full game for free.


X = Jump
Circle = Open
Square = Crouch
Triangle = Inventory Right
Select = Toggle Crosshair
Start = Pause Game
L Trigger = Inventory Left
R Trigger = Fire
DPad Down = Holster Weapon
DPad Up = Open Inventory
DPad Left = Previous Weapon
DPad Right = Next Weapon
Left Analog = Movement
Right Analog = Move Camera​

Download Shadow Warrior for PS Vita

You can download Shadow Warrior for PS Vita here.



Tip: For better performance you might want to overclock your PS Vita at 444MHz with PSVshell before running the game.

Source: VitaDB