CERBIOS Release v2.2.0 released

Released a new update for CERBIOS , the custom BIOS for the Microsoft XBOX OG console includes LBA support for 8TB hard drives.

The update adds support for images .CCI, Cerbios Compressed Image (compressed games), an alternative format to the compression method .CSO.

This new image format was specifically designed for fast file format creation and optimal decompression in the kernel without the need for additional hardware, modifications, or add-ons.

CCI is the first compression method for ISO images with support for compressed and split ISOs, developed to save additional storage space while using a small memory footprint.

Other benefits include the ability to be unpacked with minimal code and fast LZ4 unpacking that does not impact system performance and future expandability.

Team Resurgent has also updated the Repackinator utility and introduced the ability to create compressed ( .CCI) images of your games.

All image formats created by Repackinator keep the sectors and disk information intact to ensure the running of DRM problematic games like Toca 3 , etc.

It is recommended to format the hard drive with FATXplorer 3.X Beta and Cerbios option for better compatibility with larger HDDs.


  • A new custom BIOS for the original Xbox.
  • Custom LBA V4 support. HDD up to 8TB (to be further expanded in the future).
  • Custom partition hack (automatic detections).
  • Native XISO support. Just run attach.xbeto load the game.
  • Custom error messages with full explanation.
  • Full 128MB RAM support (MTRR fix).
  • Custom configuration for animation colors, dash paths CD paths.
  • Universal region correction. (GTA SA NTSC will now boot on Pal console, no xbe patch required) Maybe it fixes other games too.
  • All Original Boots
  • Run all unsigned code
  • Start all backups
  • Start debugging XBE
  • Macrovision protection disabled
  • No Hack Patches
  • No reset on eject
  • No DVD Rom control
  • No AV cable check
  • Front led support
  • Lots of other things we probably forgot to mention, after all this is just an Alpha and we need the feedback from the community so we can add features, look for bugs and fix any issues you may find.

Note: To take advantage of the extra hard disk space, you must use a dashboard that supports extra partitions. XBMC currently supports 8 of the 9 additional partitions natively.

Changelog v2.2.0

Added support for .CCI, Cerbios Compressed Image (compressed games).

System stability improvements.

Added UDMA4 build. For those who requested it.

Changelog v2.1.0

  • Added support for Xbox console review V1.6.
  • Fixed issues with Insignia (MACS) account creation.
    • It will no longer report as Live Lock Bios.
  • System stability improvements.

Changelog v2.0.3 Repack

  • It contains all the features and fixes from the previous version 2.03.
  • Fixed boot issue when DriveSetup=0.
  • Updated the boot screen in safe mode.
  • System stability improvements.

Changelog v2.0.3

  • AIO Hybrid Build no longer retail/debugging.
  • The dogs are back from their holidays (now shown on boot).
  • Fixed random screen corruption on Cerbios boot logo.
  • Fixed error 12 when drivesetup=0in config and using UDMA5.
  • Fixed some games not launching (wip).
  • Added removal of parental controls. if parental controls are enabled.
    • Cerbios will now remove/unlock them from the eeprom.
  • Added new safe mode, press eject to bypass UDMA settings, this will reset UDMA5 to UDMA2 (for that boot). This doesn’t work with xenium based mod chips.

Changelog v2.0.2 Repack

  • Fixed an issue with XMV Player not playing video on startup.

Changelog v2.0.2

  • BIOS is no longer in beta stage
  • Fixed Sonic Mega Collection not launching.
  • Including Nyan Cat Boot animation by THD
  • Added new startup animation (XMV Player). Convert your animations to XMV files. Xbox One launch screen included as a demo.
  • Fixed OG Xbox boot animation. Now supports widescreen and up to 720P.
  • Two additional Bios binaries released. Retail UDMA5 and debug UDMA5.
    • Use at your own risk, some IDE to Sata adapters do not support higher transfer speeds, this is experimental. DO NOT FLASH IF YOU DON’T HAVE A WAY TO RECOVER, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

Changelog v2.0.1

  • Bug fixes related to missing DVD drive controls.
    • All DriveSetup modes in Config now work.

Changelog v2.0.0

  • Two BIOS binaries released. Retail & Hybrid Debugging.
    • Use the Retail version unless you require debugging capabilities for XDK Tools ETC..
  • Xbox V1.4 (Focus) support enabled.
  • Improved DVD drive control with two new modes:
    • #1 = HDD and no DVD (legacy mode) Same as existing BIOSes.
    • #2 = HDD and no DVD (Modern Mode) Full removal of DVD code.
  • Correct 16 Invalid Clock Error. Xbox with invalid date/time stamp.
    • It will now launch and default to 01/01/2022 00:00.
  • Fixed 07 HDD Time-Out Errorwhile using cheap Ali Express Sata.
    • Added support for adapters. (Boot times may take longer with cheaper adapters).
  • Added dual HDD support (another scene before Team CerBios).
    • New tools will be released to take advantage of dual HDD.
  • Added support for single and multiple extended partitions and cluster sizes.
    • Extend partitions beyond 998GB limit.
  • Added debug enabled BIOS with option to enable/disable via configuration.
  • Added customizable IGR, set your own button mappings via Config.
  • Added IGS (In Game Shutdown), set your own button mappings via Config.
    • Shutdown = LT+RT+BACK+DPADUP.
  • Added custom fan speed control, set via Config.
  • External boot animations, easy to replace XBE boot animation.
    • The path can be set Via Cerbios.iniConfig.
  • Included two boot animation XBEs. XBOX OG and custom (modern) with:
    • Bootanim.inito allow for custom colors etc..
    • Place the folder BootAnimsinside the directory C:for the default location.


Question: How do I format my HDD to support additional partitions?
Answer: We have reached out to members of the scene with details. Their tools will be updated to make this process easier for you. We will also be releasing an Xbox app that you can run on your Xbox.

Question: When will there be support for 1.4 – 1.6?
Answer: We currently have support for those hardware revisions that are disabled during this alpha testing phase. Once we are satisfied with the tests and feedback received from the community, we will introduce new features and hardware support.

UPDATE: Xbox V1.4 SUPPORT ENABLED 09/04/2022

Question: What about IGR and fan speed control, what does it offer?
Answer: As mentioned above, some features have been disabled. These will appear in future build releases.


Question: My dashboard cannot see my extra partitions 8-14.
Answer: Some dashboards have been programmed to only support F&G, so your extra partitions will not show up. We suggest using XBMC which supports 6 extra partitions. As new dashboards and apps are developed, we are sure they will include support for additional partitions.

Question: Will it work on XEMU?
Answer: Yes

Question: How do I report my test results?
Answer: You can share your findings on the xboxscene forums or in the Cerbios room on the xbox-scene discord. https://discord.gg/VcdSfajQGK

Question: Where can I find help are the forums dead?
Answer: Test on Discord that the Xbox community is helpful.

Question: Where do I put the cerbios.ini file?
Answer: Inside the directory C:.

If you intend to try this very first alpha release, all you have to do is download the Auto XBINS tool from this address (use the Edge browser, Google Chrome blocks the download due to some “false positives”).

Once you run the program (it will take a couple of seconds to log into the server), navigate to the directory  /XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios/Cerbios/Cerbios V2.2.0/to download the archive Cerbios V2.2.0 Beta.7z.

If for any reason you are unable to access the XBINS servers you can download the BIOS from this address .

Source: xbins.org