Nintendo again on the attack blocks the Lockpick repository, the app that allows you to extrapolate the keys from the Switch console

Nintendo returns to the attack by sending a series of DMCA requests to the Github hosting service, managing to block one of the most popular tools used to extract keys from the Switch console.


Some users on twitter shared a document reporting the removal of the two tools Lockpick and Lockpick RCM used to bypass Nintendo ‘s technological measures by bypassing the console’s TPMs and allowing unauthorized access, extraction and decryption of all keys cryptographic, including product keys.


Decrypted keys facilitate copyright infringement by allowing users to play pirated versions of Nintendo’s copyrighted game software on systems without Nintendo console TPMs or systems on which Nintendo console TPMs have been disabled.

Traffic circumvention software, such as Lockpick , violates the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (specifically, 17 USC §1201) and violates copyrights owned by Nintendo.

For the moment, the repository is still reachable, as are the numerous forks detailed in the document , but it is highly probable that they will all be obscured in the next few hours.