[PS2 scene] PFS BatchKit Manager v1.1.7 released

Published a new update for PFS BatchKit Manager , the tool allows us to manage the hard disk of the PlayStation 2 console with extreme simplicity .


The script was designed to help beginners successfully hack their PS2 console hard drive and download their games from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The tool also includes a CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 scan to verify the corresponding values ​​in the latest redump database.

If the ISO image matches the database, the tool will rename it with the same name found in the database itself. The tool’s HDD menu also offers many other useful functions, such as hacking the PS2 hard drive via file injection MBR.IMGor running wLaunchELF temporarily to format the hard drive properly.

This new update includes a whole host of new features and bug fixes, as well as the addition of a new title database containing a huge collection of PS1 and PS2 games, with 99% of titles featured, except region games asian.

Among other things, when installing a PS2 game, an option to download compatibility modes for OPL (Open PS2 Loader) was introduced, ensuring a better gaming experience.

While downloading the CFG (configuration) files for the games, the tool will keep the OPL user settings and automatically add the compatibility mode to the needed games.

Also added an option for ZSO LZ4HC compression, which offers improved performance when compressing files, while a fix for correcting corrupted graphics in FreeHDBoot OSD has been introduced.

Fixes have been made to address DVD9 corruption issues when installing games such as Gran Turismo 4 and God of War , the same also applies to cover sizes for PSX games in the XMB UI.

Also fixes for title assignment during update partition header for games sharing the same Game ID and other minor bugs related to information display for HDD-OSD, PSBBN and XMB installation as well as a problem with 7z when installing PS2 games.

How to hack PS2 hard drive

Important: If you have already formatted and installed FreeHDBoot (from HDD), you don’t need to follow these steps.

  • In PFS BatchKit Manager navigate to Advanced menuHDD Management.
  • Choose option 8 Hack your HDD To PS2 Format.
  • After performing the hack, insert the HDD into the PlayStation 2 and format the hard drive with wLaunchELF in wLaunchELF FileBrowserMISCHDDManagerPress R1Format and confirm.
  • Copy the contents of the folder COPY_TO_USB_ROOTinside the USB drive.
  • Install FreeHDBoot (from HDD). In wLaunchELF FileBrowserMassAPPSFreeMcBootFMCBInstaller.elf, press to launch > Press R1Install FHDB(from HDD).
  • After these simple steps, your hard drive will be formatted and hacked successfully.

How to install PS2 games

Note: Before installing games, it is highly recommended to create the +OPL partition.

  • Copy the images .BINCUEto the folder CD.
  • Copy the images .ISOinto the folder DVD.

How to install PS1 games

Copy the file .BINCUEinto the folder POPS.

  • Transfer POPS-Binaries.
  • Go to Conversion menu.
  • Choose Convert .BIN/CUE in .VCD.
  • Create a partition __.POPSChoose an appropriate size based on the number of games you want to install
  • Transfer your file .VCD.

How to configure the HDD-OSD

  • Install FreeHDBoot (from HDD).
  • Create the partition +OPL.
  • Install HDD OSD.
  • Install your own game.
  • Inject the MiniOPL(for games you want to run from HDD-OSD).


Question: What is it TROJAN_7.BIN
Answer:TROJAN_7.BIN It is a patch for PS1 games which fixes some bugs. The patch can be found at this address .


  • Added a new title database containing all redump titles for PS1 and PS2 games. The databases probably contain 99% of the titles, with the missing 1% being games from the Asian region.
  • Added an option to download compatibility modes for OPL when installing a PS2 game.
  • Added When downloading CFGs, it will keep OPL user settings and add compatibility mode to needed games.
  • Added option for ZSO LZ4HC compression.
  • Added FreeHDBoot Fix Graphic Corruption in OSD.
  • Fixed DVD9 corruption during install. Like (GT4, God of War).
  • Fixed oversized covers for PSX XMB.
  • Fixed incorrect title assignment during update partition header for games that share the same gameid.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying some info for HDD-OSD, PSBBN, XMB installation.
  • Fixed a bug with 7z when installing a PS2 game.
  • Fixed all conflicting titles for games sharing the same gameid. see more info >  https://github.com/GDX-X/Title-Database-Scrapper/
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Download: PFS BatchKit Manager v1.1.7

Download: Source code PFS BatchKit Manager v1.1.7

Source: github.com