[PS Vita scene] NetStream v3.13 released

A quick update has been released for NetStream , the universal client developed by the developer GrapheneCt that allows us to stream video to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles .


The program currently only supports video and Live Streaming from YouTube, as well as from HTTP servers, FTP servers and local storage, while support for other platforms such as Twitch and NicoNico is still in the works .

This new version only fixes an issue with YouTube’s favorites system.


  • YouTube : NetStream can be used to play YouTube videos on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. It supports regular normal video and Live Streaming. You can also read comments and livestream chats, add videos to favorites and download them to your system. The YouTube NetStream search engine is powered by Invidious and supports various search filters.
  • HTTP Server : NetStream can be used to play video directly from HTTP or HTTPS server. To use this feature you will need to enter the server URL and authentication information if required.
  • FTP servers .
  • Local storage .


The NetStream video player offers the following special features:

  • Cumulative rewind and fast forward – You can use the directional buttons  , shoulder buttons and or the touchscreen to accumulate time jump values ​​similar to the YouTube application on Android. When the accumulation is complete, the accumulated value will be time jumped and displayed on the screen.
  • Energy saving mode : You can force the system to enter energy saving mode by pressing the button during video playback. In this mode the screen will be off and only audio will play, you can still control the audio volume while in power saving mode. To exit Low Power Mode, press the Power button or the PS button.
  • Downloader – You can download videos to your system from the Settings menu if the current playback source supports it.


  •  –  Skip -5% of total duration
  •  –  Jump +5% total duration.
  •  –  Skip -5 seconds (or tap on the left side of the touchscreen).
  •   Skip +5 seconds (or tap on the right side of the touchscreen).
  •  –  Show/hide menus.
  •  –  Close/minimize.
  •  –  Play pause.
  •   Energy saving mode.


  • Fixed an issue with the YouTube favorites system

Download: NetStream v3.13 (PKG)

Download: NetStream v3.13 (VPK)

Download: Source code NetStream v3.13

Source: github.com