[EMU] RetroArch V1.7.8 (V3) Released

The Libretro team is once again one of the best development teams, working intensively with other developers to perfectly improve the RetroArch multi-emulator releasing a massive stable update 1.7.8. with the new version 3. Retroarch as a reminder is a multi-emulator available for many platforms including portable consoles and smartphones, with support for VulKAN libraries, the “Netplay” function and UPnP to play multi-player online .The news is really many and I suggest you read the rest of the article.

Attention: this is an Italian amateur translation. Some error is always present


  • GLCORE: Guarantees the correct resizing of the menu texture (with RGUI)
  • IPS: Soft Patch of any IPS size
  • METAL: solves the overlay problem: set the correct window before rendering the overlay
  • METAL / STB: solved the font driver problem with AMD GPUs on MacOS.
  • MENU / RGUI: resize the menu correctly when resizing the window if the proportions block is enabled.
  • OSX: removes the OSX suffix in the window title
  • PSP: correction of the audio conversion code
  • REMAP: corrects the analogue remapping regression, the analogue remapping would interrupt the controls

bsnes HD – Released for Windows / Linux / Android and soon iOS and Mac!

bsnes HD should now be available on Linux, Windows and Android for RetroArch users! It is based on the latest version of bsnes and should be significantly faster than previous versions of bsnes.

In this video, we show you some of the features of the HD 7 mode that are unique to this version. Overall they make quite a significant difference as we are sure you will agree!

This nucleus is not yet completely complete and could still present some omissions. Furthermore, the name “bsnes HD” is temporary and we will do a cleaning of the house of the various bsnes cores we maintain soon. The plan is to have an improved Core Updater in later versions of RetroArch that allows better categorization and filtering in the future so that users can more easily manage their cores.

On Android for the first time!

This is the first time that the latest version of bsnes on Android will appear, courtesy of Libretro / RetroArch! Our main version of this is called bsnes HD and you can get it right away from the Core Updater! Be sure to update the main information files first (by going to Online Updater, then selecting ‘Update main information file’). bsnes HD should be a little faster than other existing bsnes cores, it also has improved overclocking capabilities and the acclaimed HD Mode 7 features.

In this video you can see it running on a Samsung Galaxy S10 + (Exynos model) with 3x HD Mode 7 scaling applied and running at full speed to the end.

The harakari user and contributor reported that he could run HD 7 with 4x resizing and continue to play at full speed on his iPhone XS Max, so if nothing else, expect even better performance on high-end iDevice!

Flycast – WinCE core now 30% faster on average and sound improvements!

The FlycastWinCE version should now be on average 30% faster for non-Windows CE games! We found a way to make the Windows CE code additions no longer affect the emulator’s main performance. For this reason, after having ironed out some of the end nodes, we can expect that there will only be one Flycast core that advances. Furthermore, Flyinghead has really gone to town with some much needed audio enhancements on the AICA and DSP side. Witness of this long-standing audio bug that was finally solved with the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica. This and many other sound bugs (such as audio samples that continue to be repeated during the battle loading scenes in Soul Calibur) have now been corrected.

First in the world – Windows CE Dreamcast Games running on Android!

The FlyCE core WinCE is now available for Android users!

  • 30% acceleration in non-Windows CE games thanks to extensive optimization of the flyinghead dynarec. It is no longer necessary to reduce the performance of non-Windows CE games.
  • Windows CE support has been further improved.

Now you can play Dreamcast games for Windows CE on Android! Keep in mind that this requires a lot of CPU and you should probably expect 15 to 25 fps on high-end Android phones right now.

Note that Windows CE games may still be unstable on Android and that a real BIOS is required to run Windows CE. It will not work with the HLE BIOS.

NOTE: We expect that after the end nodes have been resolved, we will merge the Windows CE parts of this core into Flycast and that the separate Flycast WinCE core will disappear from then on. So this separate core is just a temporary thing for now. We’ll let you know when it happens. The video was recorded on a Galaxy S10 +.

Mupen64 Plus Next – No more 10 second boot times on Windows!

Thanks to an important bug solved by mudlord, Mupen64 Plus Next should no longer take up to 10 seconds to start any game on Windows.

Mupen64 Plus Next is an updated version of Mupen 64 Plus with the latest GlideN64 renderer.

More progress reports on other cores soon

Cores are often updated on a daily basis and many times, all the incredible improvements and improvements they receive are understated because we are so busy with development. We believe that the time has come to shed light on these changes, so we will make periodic updates on the base updates as they arise.


RetroArch 1.7.8