HEN Toolbox v1.00

HEN Toolbox v1.00

ONLY FOR HFW 4.84.2 See the end of the thread for more recent versions for HEN 3.0.0 (4.85 HFW)


It’s new and it’s the first release so it probably has bugs, use it at your OWN RISK, it seems fine in tests. If you have any issues please report them here and I will try and fix them when I get spare time.

Note: This patches a few files on flash and hdd to add support for itself. Whenever you update HEN the toolbox will get disabled, and you will see a new icon on the XMB that will allow you to reapply the patches.


WARNING: ONLY FOR HEN 2.2.2 and above as the PS3HEN.BIN needs to be on flash for the included enabler to work.

Thanks to just about everyone in the scene, combination of lots of devs work, too many to name. ;)