PlayStation 4 Release: Al Azif updates most common payloads like FTP & Disc Dumper to FW 6.72 – You’ll be able to get and up running immediately after a jailbreak is released!

With TheFlow having released a kernel exploit for the PlayStation 4 up to FW 7.02 and SpecterDev working on a jailbreak for FW 6.72, the FW 5.05 reign seems to be coming to an end. However, a jailbreak without homebrew isn’t too useful so Al Azif has already updated most common utilities to work with FW 6.72!

Al Azif updates majority of old payloads for FW 6.72

PlayStation 4 Release: Al Azif updates most of his payloads like FTP & Disc Dumper to FW 6.72 - You'll be able to get and up running immediately after a jailbreak is released!

With Al Azif updating various payloads, you’ll be able to easily copy files over a network to your PS4, disable updates and dump games among other things! (Tweet)

With SpecterDev being able to run TheFlow’s exploit and controlling some registers after crashing the PlayStation 4 he is working lots of times, a FW 6.72 jailbreak seems to be getting closer despite a lot of work remaining. In view of this, Al Azif has updated most ‘old’ payloads, some of which are based on the work of others, to work with FW 6.72 as it seems that it’ll become the new hot firmware to be on in the foreseeable future since developments relating to jailbreaking it are quite promising.

Thanks to the payloads being updated, Al Azif states that “most use cases” of hacked PlayStation 4 consoles will be covered meaning that when jailbroken, FW 6.72 will give a similar degree of usability as FW 5.05 in some areas together with the ability to play many more games!

The list of payloads being updated to work with FW 6.72

The payloads that have been updated to work with FW 6.72 and which are available for download include:

  • App2USB – originally developed by ‘stooged’
  • Backup – originally developed by ‘stooged’
  • Disable Updates – by Al Azif

    Among the payloads ported, we find FTP which is infinitely useful as it lets you copy stuff to your console wirelessly!

  • Disc Dumper – originally developed by ‘xvortex’
    • This allows you to dump PS4 disc & PSN games
  • Enable Browser – by Al Azif
  • Enable Updates – by Al Azif
  • Fan Threshold – by Al Azif
  • FTP – originally developed by ‘xvortex’
    • Allows you to copy stuff over a LAN
  • History Blocker – originally developed by ‘stooged’
  • Kernel Dumper – originally developed by ‘eversion’
  • Restore – originally developed by ‘stooged’
  • RIF Renamer – by Al Azif
  • Kernel Clock – by Al Azif, this needs two missing offsets to work

It is important to state that the payloads haven’t been tested so some may not work properly when a FW 6.72 jailbreak is released.


On a concluding note, it is important to remember that there is no jailbreak for FW 6.72 yet despite it being fully exploited (usermode [Webkit] + kernel exploits are available). As a result, if your PlayStation 4 is currently on FW 5.05, it is recommended to stay there if you care about your PlayStation 4 being hacked.

If you want to see SpecterDev working on his upcoming PlayStation 4 jailbreak while also learning something about exploiting the console in the process, you may check out his Twitch channel on which he frequently does live streams.

Al Azif’s updated payloads download link:

Al Azif’s Twitter:

P.S: Article slightly updated to better describe who developed the payloads. Apologies for the mistake in the previous title as Al Azif is female!