PS Vita: Daedalus X64 (Nintendo 64 emulator) v0.4 released

Developer Rinnegatamante has released update 0.4 of his Daedalus X64 port for the PS Vita.

Benefiting from the extra power of the Vita, this port is a much enjoyable experience than the old days of the PSP, as can be seen on this video, taken with release 0.3:

Daedalus X64 0.4 changelog

The list of changes since release 0.3 is pretty heavy. For those interested in the details (source):

– Fixed a bug that caused bilinear filter to be enabled in certain circmustances when it shouldn’t.
– Improved generic mixer audio code.
– Improved GoldenEye audio microcode.
– Impplemented some missing instructions in Nead audio microcode.
– Fix for some sprites being drawn with incorrect depth in Donald Duck: Quack Attack and Rayman 2.
– Added support for zipped roms.
– Added Super Mario 64 (O2) entry in the roms list.
– Added several romhacks entries in the roms list.
– Added support for some unhandled cartridge domains.
– Fixed several issues related to palettized textures support.
– Added Audio Sync option to sync audio rate to framerate. (experimental)
– Added Video Sync option to sync video rate to framerate (Greatly improves experience for some games not running fullspeed, eg: Rayman 2).
– Fixed an issue causing some texts to be drawn with incorrect sizes in Donald Duck: Quack Attack.
– Implemented some missing instructions in the ARM DynaRec.
– Optimized some DynaRec instructions with ARMv7 specific instructions.
– Fixed a bug causing CPU rendering to be used only at emulator boot. (Fixes some screens not being rendered in Rayman 2 and Donald Duck: Quack Attack).
– Added an hack to disable CPU rendering in Conker’s Bad Fur Day. (Fixes some graphics corruption at game boot)
– Added Cached Interpreter mode as CPU emulation option (Safer as Interpreter but faster).
– Added DynaRec (Safe) mode as CPU emulation option (Makes Conker’s Bad Fur Day get in game).
– Added an option to disable MP3 instructions (doubles Conker’s Bad Fur Day framerate but makes voice acting be mute).
– Added specific F-Zero X audio microcode support.
– Fixed an issue causing some models to be rendered at incorrect depth in some games.
– Added a Texture Dumper function that will dump every texture the running game will load in memory.
– Added High Level Emulation for OS calls (Greatly improves performances, eg: Doom 64 is now fullspeed).
– Added a feature to sort rom list alphabetically.
– Added HVQM RSP task microcode support.
– Added an option to disable Expansion Pak usage.
– Fixed an issue causing viewport to be incorrect with CPU rendering under certain circumstances.
– Made so that CPU rendered frames are properly scaled to screen size.
– Added NEON usage to several math related calculations (Improves performances).
– Added a feature that allows to save and load settings globally and on a per game basis.
– Added some premade configs for some games with better emulator setups (Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Rayman 2, Mischief Makers).
– Optimized 3D rendering pipeline (Improves performances).
– Added Texels1 hack support (Fixes some graphical glitches in some games, eg: Rayman 2 incorrect lum colors and missing candles fires in Ogre Battle 64).
– Enabled palette caching for paletted textures.
– Added an hack for Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2 that improves pokemons selection screen rendering.
– Added several new blend modes support (Fixes rendering issues in several games).
– Added possibility to fully disable texture cache for games updating textures frequently (Fixes texts garbling in Mischief Makers).
– Reduced covers filesizes thanks to palettized PNGs usage.
– Improved negative viewports support.
– Added DD64 CIC types detection.
– Improved CIC type detection code.
– Added an alternate audio resampler based on libspeexdsp (Disabled by default, currently in debugging phase).
– Greatly improved stability of async audio code.
– Fixed a bug causing async audio code to become mute if the user closed a rom and launched another one.
– Added high-res texture packs support.
– Added support for creation of custom bubbles that will launch directly a rom through the emulator.
– Improved analogs deadzone detection.
– Added support for roms in uma0: partition.
– Added possibility to disable compatibility list update at boot.
– Added auto updater feature (Will update to latest nightly build available at boot).
– Minor bugfixes and generic code cleanup.
– Made so that analogs and physical buttons can be used to interact with the UI when a game is paused.
– Added L2/L3/R2/R3 support for PSTV users.
– Added possibility to use rear touchpad as extra four virtual buttons (Allows to use L2/L3/R2/R3 grips on normal PSVitas).
– Added multilanguage support with support to Catalan, Danish, German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish
– Fixed an issue causing Derby Stallion 64 saves to fail.
– Fixed an issue causing some games with FlashRam save types to fail saving games.
– Improved emulator loading times and performances thanks to NEON usage in memory copies operations.
– Improved SP registers management code.
– Improved SP DMA code.
– Added customizable Anti-Aliasing feature with Disabled, MSAA 2x, MSAA 4x options.
– Replaced Livearea assets with new ones.
– Added an alert that will show on bottom left of the screen when settings or savestates are saved/loaded.
– Added an alert that will shot on bottom left of the screen when a rom is being loaded.
– Changed UI font to Roboto-Regular one.
– Added a feature that allows to scale UI (Useful for PSTV users with big displays).
– Added GitHub commits hash show up in Credits window.

Download Daedalus X64 0.4 for PS Vita

You can Download Daedalus X64 on VitaDB here.

Source: Rinegatamante