[PS2 / PS3] Open PS2 Loader (OPL) V0.9.3 WIP R1442e Released

Some important homebrews for PS2 continue to be updated. It is the turn of Open PS2 Loader initially developed by ifcaro (known on PS3 with the Pkgview tool ) and updated by jolek who has released a new revision 1442e. Open PS2 Loader is a loader of open source games compatible with the USB Advance / Extreme game format and also with the ISO format that can be started via USB, network (SMB) and from the PS2 HDD. It aims to be more compatible with games and should work without ps3load and DNASXXX.IMG. Supports all PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 models with PlayStation 2 backward compatibility.

Types of release

Type (can be a combination) Description
Normal (no suffix) Regular and basic OPL, without extra functionality.
childproof OPL with some controls disabled (eg. Delete and rename). There is no GSM + child-proof version because GSM is for advanced users.
VMC OPL with Virtual Memory Card (VMC) support.
GSM OPL with integrated GSM.
PS2RD OPL with integrated   PS2RD Cheat Engine function.

Game compatibility list

Available at this link

How to use it

OPL uses the following directory tree structure in HDD, SMB and USB modes:

Folder Description mode
“CD” for games on CD media, such as discs with a blue background USB and SMB
“DVD” for DVD5 and DVD9 images if using the NTFS file system on USB or SMB; DVD9 images must be split and rooted in the device if the FAT32 file system is used on USB or SMB USB and SMB
“VMC” for virtual memory card images – 8 MB to 64 MB all
“CFG” to save configuration files for game all
“ART” for game pictures art all
“THM” for supporting themes all
“CHT” for cheats files all
“CFG-DEV” for saving per-game configuration files, if used by an OPL development build, i.e. beta build all

OPL will automatically create the directory structure the first time you launch it and enable your favorite device. For users with HDD, a 128 Mb + OPL partition will be created (you can enlarge it using uLaunchELF if necessary).


Game files on USB must be perfectly defragmented file by file or by the whole drive, and DVD9 Dual Layer images must be divided to avoid the 4 GB limitations of the FAT32 file system. We recommend Auslogics Disk Defrag to get the best defragmentation results.


You also need a PC program to convert or divide games in USB Advance / Extreme format, such as USBUtil 2.0.


To upload games via the SMB protocol, you need to share a folder (e.g. PS2SMB) on the host computer or NAS device and make sure it has full read and write permissions. The USB Advance / Extreme format is optional – * .ISO images are supported using the folder structure above with the added advantage that DVD9 images do not have to be divided if the SMB device uses the NTFS or EXT3 / 4 file system.


For PS2, 48-bit LBA internal HDDs up to 2TB are supported. They must be formatted with HDLoader or uLaunchELF (uLaunchELF is recommended).

To start OPL, you can use one of the existing methods to load an executable elf.

On PS3, you need the SwapMagic 3.6+ or 3.8 disk (there are currently no other options). The steps to upload OPL to a PS3 are:

  2. Create a folder in the root of the USB device called SWAPMAGIC and copy SMBOOT0.ELF into it.
  3. Launch SwapMagic on PS3 and press UP + L1, then Open PS2 Loader should start.

There are 4 modules for launching elfs in SwapMagic.


Note: Only USB and SMB modes are supported on PS3.



Psx-scene , Github