[PS4] Easy PKG Extrator V1.3 Released

The developer Lapy, author of many homebrews with Unity engine, has relentlessly released a new update of Easy PKG Extrator with the new version 1.3 for users with PS4 and stopped at 5.05.This homebrew is aimed at less experienced users and allows you to extract the PKG installed in the console on a USB device connected to it. There are other ways to do this using FTP or PS4-Xplorer, but it’s not as simple as with this app.




  • Added option to extract PKG from external drives, but only those with native PS4 format. Use L1 and R1 to change the disk


Added copy options to extract Patches and DLC too There are 7 copy options, change the selected one with a triangle until you find the one you need:

  • PKG + Patch + DLC
  • PKG + Patch
  • PKG + DLC
  • Patch + DLC
  • Only PKG
  • Patch only
  • DLC only


Easy PKG Extrator v1.3