PS4 & Vita News: TheFlow to “disclose something in a few weeks/months” for the PS4 & a new Webkit exploit chain called ‘HENlo’ announced for the PSVita allowing for another Browser-based hack!

A name that is no doubt ubiquitous within the PlayStation Vita scene is that of TheFlow and as announced in March, he is also dabbling with the PlayStation 4. In this article, we’ll be looking at two significant announcements made by him namely that there’s something in store for the PlayStation 4 & a new WebKit exploit for the PlayStation Vita!

TheFlow to reveal something for the PlayStation 4 in the coming weeks/months

In the first announcement, TheFlow shared some information regarding his efforts in hacking the PlayStation 4.

TheFlow is planning to release something for the PlayStation 4 in the near future (Tweet)

He is “planning to disclose something” in the coming in the weeks or months meaning that the PlayStation 4 may be receiving a new hack, vital exploit(s) or something that helps with efforts for hacking firmwares above FW 5.05. As mentioned in March, TheFlow had been working on some form of hacking solution for Firmware 6.20 so it is possible that what he is planning to share only targets this firmware so it is imperative not to update your PlayStation 4 past this version if you’re still patiently waiting there.

Other than giving a ray of light to the PS4 hacking scene, TheFlow also mentioned that he would ‘retire’ from it after sharing what he has in store for the console. This could in part be due to the toxicity and entitled stance that he noticed within the console’s scene which is evident in replies to a recent tweet of his.

As usual, the advice of staying on the lowest firmware possible stands since it is unclear which firmwares TheFlow’s upcoming release affects!

WebKit exploit chain for the PlayStation Vita named ‘HENlo’ announced bringing back the ease of HENkaku

Despite the latest PSVita firmware being hackable, TheFlow has decided to give the console yet another hack – now, the question is whether Sony will release FW 3.74 to patch it out! (Tweet)

Moving over to the TheFlow’s second announcement, he announced that the PlayStation Vita will also be getting some more love in the form of a new WebKit exploit chain called “HENlo” with its name no doubt being brought about by the resurgence of doge memes. For the regular end-user, this means that hacking your PlayStation Vita could be done by simply visiting a webpage from the console’s browser, as the Vita has a dedicated Browser application unlike the Switch, and letting it do the magic. This is similar to how HENkaku functioned as all it had you do was visit a webpage which then proceeded to hack your FW 3.60 Vita but hacks for subsequent firmware versions all relied on a computer to get the hack installed and applications on the Vita to re-enable the hack unless HENkaku Enso is used on FW 3.65.

HENlo will likely support FW 3.60 to 3.73 as evidenced by a message on the HENkaku Discord channel!

When it comes to firmware version support, it is likely that HENlo will support all firmwares for the PlayStation Vita from FW 3.60 and above as evidenced by a message on the HENkaku Discord channel sent this month. TheFlow also mentioned that he is looking for logo submissions so perhaps, we’ll be seeing some poll to choose the best one similar to what happened when he was deciding on the name of his save state plugin DejaVu.


The same advice always applies when TheFlow announces something, the best thing to do is to just wait patiently as he is known to deliver! Asking for ETAs is futile and will get you banned from viewing his tweets especially if you’re being rude as he complained about the PlayStation 4 scene being “toxic and entitled” .

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