Psvimgtools Released Easy FrontEnd 1.8.6 Compatible With Trinity Exploit

The developer  MRGhidini in the first days of May (sorry for the delay) has released an important new update of the PSVIMGTOOLS frontend with Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd in version 1.8.6. It is the graphic version of the Yifanlu tool, PSVIMGTools, a very useful tool useful for users who have PSVITA consoles with firmware above 3.60 ( compatible with firmware 3.65,3.68 and 3.70 ) and do not have the possibility of having a PS3 or a second PSVITA. The tool can be used to decrypt, extract, repack and reinstall the backup files (.psvimg) of a PSVITA game with the CMA (content manager) using your PSN ID.



  • Added the possibility of automatic updating when there is a new version.
  • Added the ability to rewrite the .sfo file after an exploit.
  • Added the ability to update the QCMA database after adding an exploit to the psp game.
  • Adds the ability to clone games to list the games + exploits that have been applied to each clone.
  • Added compatibility to Trinity Exploit on PS Vita for TheFlow FW 3.69 / 3.70


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Operating system: Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit / 64bit), Windows 10 (32bit / 64bit), Windows Server 2008 (32bit / 64bit) 
Framework: .NET Framework 4.5.2 – minimum required 
QCMA program installed:
One or more PSVITA PSP games / demos


Create a username or multiple users for each psn account you have. After creating a username, select an account. The tool saves the last registered account and can load the last account used at the next opening of the tool! Each account created the tool saves in a SQL database, being able to access the main folder “EXTRA” Config.db

By clicking on the magnifying glass, the program automatically searches for the last key used by the QCMA! Or you can add it manually.

Automatic exploit mode:

When you press the Exploits Automatic button , the program searches for all PSP games in the PGAME ID folder   displaying a list box. After selecting the game, you must select VHBL or ARK, confirming the program. There will be the extraction and automatically the program will add all the files in the folder inside the SAVEDATA.

To install an emulator, homebrew etc.

Manual option for PSP / PS1 games

Extracting PSP / PS1 games : The program will search for PSP games in PGAME / ID  and extract the game in a folder called PSVita / EXTRAIR

Recreating PSP / PS1 games : The program will search for PSP games extracted in PS Vita / EXTRAIR, and recreate them in PGAME / ID

Backup options

Extract Backups: The program will search for backups in Psvita / SYSTEM / ID and extract them to PSvita EXTRAIRBackup

Recreate backups: The program will look for backups in EXTRAIRBackup and recreate them in  Psvita / SYSTEM / ID

Manual option for APP / Games – PSVITA

Extract APP / Games The program will search for APPs / Games in APP / ID and extract the game in the PSVita / EXTRAIRAppGame folder

Recreating APP / Games  The program will search for the Apps / Games in EXTRAIRAppGame and recreate them in PS Vita / APP / ID

Option for Apps

With this option, you can search for all the apps in the APPGAMES folder. After the search a list box will be displayed. Selecting an application will load it into PS VITA / APP

Video tutorial