[PSVITA] Autoplugin II V1.00 Released

For PSVITA lovers there is a great news, this morning the second version of the most downloaded and most used homebrew called Autoplugin 2 is available. Developed by theheroGAC, the Onelua Team is complete and the graphic Vice aka holdandmodify offers a varied of changes and updates compared to the first Autoplugin. Autoplugin for those who don’t know it is a tool that allows you to automatically install more than 86 plugins, with various very simple options listed below.


  • Install over 86 PSVITA plugins
  • Automatically install your SD2VITA
  • Optional settings
    • Update plugins online
    • Update languages ​​online
    • You can now check the readme file online for most of the plugins included
    • Download / Install ITLS-Enso and Battery Fixer (vpk)
    • Set a custom image (custom Boot Splash required)
    • Set a custom alert message (custom alert is required)
    • Set Transparent Level (Impose Transparent is required)


Thanks to

  • Team OneLua BaltazaR4 ).
    HAM ).
    Dev Devis ).
    gdljjrod ).
    * RG
  • HAM for new resources
  • TheFloW
  • yifanlu
  • qwikrazor87
  • CelesteBlue
  • FAPS Team
  • devnoname120
  • bamhm182
  • nowrep
  • frangarcj
  • xyzz
  • Xerpi
  • Rinnegatamante
  • Applelo
  • joel16
  • dots-tb
  • Princess of sleeping
  • Hack-Usagi
  • SilicaAndPina
  • OperationNT414C
  • Electry
  • SKGleba
  • chronoss09
  • Yoti
  • teakhanirons



  • HAM / NanospeedGamer for Spanish translation
  • Kouchan for Japanese translation
  • yexun1995 for Chinese translation
  • theheroGAC for the Italian translation