[PSVITA] AutoPlugin II V1.08 Released Includes Team CBPS Plugins

Onelua Team in the night after a month off has released a new full-bodied update of AutoPlugin II in version 1.08.AutoPlugin II is the most complete and optimized version of the old Autoplugin, a homebrew initially developed by theheroGAC that allows you to install 95 plugin automatically and without problems on your PSVITA portable console. It also has extra options such as installing the SD2VITA, changing fonts, setting a custom boot splash etc .. I remind you that it is possible to delete the old and outdated Autoplugin



  • Adds TheOfficialFloW beta 0.4 MiniVitaTV plugin
  • Add multiple CBPS team plugins: EmergencyMount, MAFUinput, TrophyShot, BootSound, ScoreHax, Sysident, DePlayEnabler.
  • Add the Persona 4 Golden HD plugin (Vita plugin).
  • Corrects PatchList VitaGrafix.


  • Lib tai updated.
  • Reimplemented the new tai library in all parts of the application.
  • Plug-in manager reimplemented.
  • Added support for updating PSP plugins.
  • Now the plugins will be installed only in ur0.
  • If you have a config.txt file in some other partition, it will be unified with ur0.
  • If you have a config.txt file with some error, such as a lowercase and uppercase letter error or the lack of parts of the system or the absence of it, it will be repaired / written.


  • Changes canceled and bug fixes in v1.04
  • Add the option “Restore config.txt to ur0: tai” in the Extras section.
  • Option removed (the list of plugins can now be sorted by alphabetical or section by pressing L / R).
  • Option removed (plug-ins will now only be installed on ur0: tai / config.txt)


  • Fixed missing string in Chinese and Turkish systems (again)
  • Now the plugins will only be installed on ur0: tai / config.txt.
  • Added support for Reload config.txt for userland plug-ins (only for plug-ins that don’t require a reboot).
  • Now the section where each plugin would be installed on config.txt is added to the list of plugins, under the description of the plugin.
  • Now the list of plugins can be sorted by: alphabetical or section, by pressing L / R.


  • Added support for installing extra applications that require some plugins.


  • Fixed missing string in Chinese and Turkish systems
  • Fixed problem with the installation of banned vitacheat (problem with vitacheat fonts)


  • Correct Chinese font download path error.
  • New option to switch between custom characters
  • Fixed issue with missing config.txt for pkgj (no folders found) and removed line for PSM games
  • New languages:
  • Yoti / Aleksandr112 for the Russian translation
  • Chronoss09 for the French translation
  • Schn1ek3 for the German translation
  • Kouchan for Japanese translation
  • Updated the Spanish translation thanks to gvaldebenit
  • Updated English_us translation thanks to Gadgetoid