[PSVITA] ElevenMPV-A V3.71 Released

New massive update of ElevenMPV by developer Graphene which has released a new version 3.71.ElevenMPV-A is a fork of the project initially developed by joel16, a homebrew music player for Playstation VITA which aims to support many different audio formats compared to the official music application PS LIFE.

BG playback support:

1. By default: with most games
2. With [LowMemMode plugin] (  https://github.com/GrapheneCt/LowMemMode  ): with all games

Currently supported formats: (16-bit signed samples)

Hardware decoding (impeccable performance even in games):
– MP3
– M4A / AAC

Software decoding:
– IT
– S3M
– XM


– Browse ux0: /, ur0: /, uma0: /, xmc0: /, grw0: / to play the audio formats indicated above.
– BG reproduction.
– Pause / Play audio.
– Random / Repeat / Repeat all.
– Equalizer.
– ALC.
– Next / previous track in the current working directory.
– View ID3v1 and ID3v2 metadata for MP3 files. Other tags are displayed for OGG, FLAC, OPUS and XM.
– TOUCH support.
– Seeking support via touchscreen. (No support for OPUS).


In the file manager:

– Enter key (cross / circle): insert folder / play supported audio files.
– Cancel button (cross / circle): switches to the main folder.
– DPAD Up / Down: allows you to navigate through the files.
– DPAD left / right: up / down in the list.
– SELECT button: opens the settings.

In the audio player:

– Enter button (cross / circle): Play / Pause.
– Cancel button (cross / circle): return to the file manager.
– L trigger: previous audio file in the current directory.
– R trigger: next audio file in the current directory.
– Triangle: random play of audio files in the current directory.
– Square: repeats the audio files in the current directory.
– Power button: turns off the display and continues to play audio in the background.
– SELECT button: opens the settings.

In the background:

– Quick menu: mixing the volume control.
– Interactive notifications.
– Power button: turns off the display and continues to play audio in the background.



Performance:1. Various performance improvements.

New (and return) features:

1. Added support for back cover images with some improvements:
    – Now you can view the images of the outer cover. The image must be placed in the same folder as the music files. Note that the cover images embedded in the metadata have priority over the external cover images.
    – The following names are supported for the external cover image:
    – Due to memory constraints, it is not possible to load all the cover images. If the cover image does not load, try reducing its resolution.

2. Added automatic volume limiting mode option for EQ.
    – The purpose of this mode is to limit the mixing volume for ElevenMPV-A with EQ modes applied to prevent digital overload on noisy tracks.
    – Only decoded software formats support this mode.
    – This mode can be enabled in Settings-> Audio-> Limit volume with EQ.

3. Added full support for CJK characters (Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

User interface and controls:

1. Added automatic fast scrolling to file browser. Hold the directional up or down buttons to do this.
2. The long text will now be scrolled in the file browser.

Bug fixes:

1. Fixed an issue where some directory or file names caused the file browser to crash.
2. Fixed an issue where notification settings would not display on PS TV.
3. Fixed an issue where the track count was not displayed or calculated incorrectly.
4. Fixed an issue causing module data corruption in the xmp library.


1. Use event flags instead of boolean. This should further reduce CPU load when the app is in the background, as all unused threads are put on hold.
2. Reduction of the app startup time (now using GXT textures).
3. The configuration file is now saved only when the application is closed to reduce the I / O load. This should remove occasional stutters when changing the EQ mode while software decoding is being performed.
4. The FPS limit is now automatically set to 60 when browsing files / settings and 30 when in the music player to reduce unnecessary CPU load.
5. Simplified exit procedure, sceAppMgrQuitForNonSuspendableApp () is now used.
6. Use the official pvf system font.

New features:

1. The game and BGM theme will now resume if you deactivate the app without music playback.
2. Energy saving.