[PSVITA] FinTrinity V0.6 Released

Our friend and developer bamhm182 has released a small and new update of FinTrinity with the new version 0.6. This is a Python GUI / CLI script that allows you to install Trinity automatically on Playstation Vita without much effort and no frills.


Windows / Linux

  • Standalone version and fully functional Python
  • Tested with Windows 10 (64-bit) and Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

Mac OS

  • The Python version might work. Waiting for someone to check it out.
  • Probably the standalone version won’t arrive because I don’t have a way to build it.


Autonomous version

  1. Download the  latest version  ending in -Linux if you are on Linux, or -Windows if you are on Windows.
  2. Double-click on the FinTrinity executable and click on the “Patch” button.

Python 3.7.3 Version

  1. Install  python 3.7.3
  2. Download the zip file and double-click FinTrinity.py or GUI.py
  3. Confirm that the game is correct and that it should take care of the rest

Guide to gamesandconsoles

A guide of ours is available here



  • Fixed issue with usernames with spaces.
  • macOS problems should be solved.


  • Now you can select any game you backed up instead of just the most recent one.
  • Fixed some bugs with folders in your PGAME / [USER_ID] folder
  • FinTrinity is waiting if you are backing up a game with QCMA.