[PSVITA] Forcelang V0.1 And 0.2U Released: A New Plugin To Force The Language On A Game

A new plugin is added to our beloved PSVITA portable console thanks to the developer xdanieldzd with forcelang. It is not a recently released plugin (released in 2018), but has been published on various scene sites for a few days. Forcelang is a plugin that searches simply to force a specific language on the running game (from English to Italian). It does not load the fan-made translations or anything of the kind this means that the game must already have an integrated support for the chosen language. There are already two versions of this plugin: one with Kuio the version 0.1 and the other with ioplus the non version official 0.2U.We suggest the version with ioplus, more stable.


Copy  forcelang.suprxto  ur0:/tai, then add the plugin on  config.txteach application you want to use it with.

# Esempio Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (European PSN)


When you start an application with the plugin enabled, the plugin looks for, and if necessary creates, a configuration file in ur0:/data/forcelang/[title ID].txt, eg. PCSB00861.txt.

This file contains a single number, corresponding to the enum of the Vita system  SceSystemParamLang. Therefore, the valid values ​​are:

  • 0: Japanese
  • 1: American English
  • 2: French
  • 3: Spanish
  • 4: German
  • 5: Italian
  • 6: Dutch
  • 7: Portuguese
  • 8: Russian
  • 9: Korean
  • 10: traditional Chinese
  • 11: simplified Chinese
  • 12: Finnish
  • 13: Swedish
  • 14: Danish
  • 15: Norwegian
  • 16: Polish
  • 17: Brazilian Portuguese
  • 18: British English
  • 19: Turkish

Warning: the application may not support the required language, or it may not use the correct function from this plugin to determine the language. If an application supports language switching, eg via the options menu, use that.


forcelang v0.1 with Kuio support

forcelang v0.2U with ioplus support

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