[PSVITA] Guide On How To Downgrade From FW 3.71 Or 3.72 To FW 3.65 / 3.60


  • A PSVITA with firmware 3.71 or 3.72
  • The various files contained in the PasteBin file in Required files (download the files)


To downgrade the PSVita or PSTV 3.71 / 3.72 FW, you must follow these steps as indicated in this PasteBin guide  :

  1. First of all, you need to download some files (links included in the PasteBin guide) to get started, including:
    • PUP files FW 3.65 and FW 3.72
    • The downgrade from FW 3.71 / 3.72 is quite simple and requires only a bit of work to make the modoru work properly!
    • Modoru
    • DSLL-mdr72
    • A decrypted version of the lv0 ‘update_sm’ module of the FW 3.65
  2. Make sure you’ve run h-encore² to enable homebrew loading
  3. Copy the PUP file FW 3.65 to ‘ux0: app / MODORU000 / PSP2UPDAT.PUP’ and the PUP file FW 3.72 to ‘ux0: data / PSP2 / UPDATE / PSP2UPDAT.PUP’
  4. Place the decrypted “update_sm” module you downloaded in “ux0: data / update_sm.bin”
  5. Install the Modoru and dsll-mdr72 VPK on your PSVita via VitaShell
  6. Restart the PSVita and run h-encore² to reactivate the homebrew
  7. Open the “decsecldr [LITE]” bubble (for example dsll-mdr72), wait until “Module loaded” is displayed, then press “START” to exit
    • Since the application success rate is around 25%, the application could crash or crash, if this happens, do a forced restart by holding the power button down after 30 seconds when nothing happens.
  8. After the previous step is successful, it is recommended to make sure that the loading of the module has been stable by opening some apps such as the “Settings” and “Welcome Park” settings
  9. Open modoru and downgrade normally
    • If a long moving bubble occurs before Modoru starts, restart the device and repeat from step 7
    • If the downgrade process is interrupted, restart in safe mode by pressing ‘PS (PS button) + RT (right trigger) + POWER’ and go to ‘update system firmware-> update from life memory card’ to reinstall FW 3.72 and try again
  10. Enjoy your PSVita 3.65 FW and remember to install HENkaku Ensō!

While the guide is specific to FW 3.65, you can easily use it to  downgrade to another FW by replacing the PUP file of FW 3.65 with another one like the PUP file of FW 3.60. A complete list of PUP files is available here  : make sure you download those in the “Full official firmware” section!

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