[PSVITA] Registry Editor Mod V1.3 Released By Devnoname120

The developer devnoname120 from some1psv fork has released a new update of the Registry Editor application that reaches version 1.3. Registry Editor is a tool that allows you to update / modify different hidden values ​​of the PS Vita registry such as, swap X / O buttons on your console, change the console language, update your name, etc … with a strongly based user interface on VitaFhell by TheFloW.Also the tool cancels the need to unblock debug settings because it has almost all the settings. The new version corrects the navigation of the WLAN / Bluetooth entries above 10. 
Thanks to @ windsurfer1122 for the WLAN correction.

It is recommended to create a backup of the registry (copy the path vd0: on the computer via ftp) before using the tool in case of doubt.




Source code